Trezor Launches Hackathon to Protect Online Privacy and Digital Assets

Trezor, the pioneer of end-user bitcoin security and the most popular bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer, has launched a competition called “Trezor 2.0 Hackathon” that will be held on September 27-29 in Prague, Czech Republic.

With the guidance of respected entrepreneurs and experts in the Bitcoin industry including security expert Andreas Antonopoulos, TREZOR cryptographer Jochen Hoenicke, and Trezor core developers Marek Palatinus and Pavol Rusnak, teams of developers will be introduced to the new TREZOR 2.0 hardware and software stack to develop services, products, and systems that can be utilized to protect data, digital identity, and digital money.

The Trezor 2.0 Hackathon is open to developers and designers at all levels, from beginners to experts. The official description of the hackathon states that developers with a basic knowledge of JavaSCript or Phython and user-interface can join the competition.

Developers or participants of the Hackathon are presented with three topics to focus on: hacking TREZOR, TREZOR infrastructure and TREZOR Design. Thus, it is most likely that TREZOR will announce three winners, from each topic.The first category, hacking TREZOR, requires developers to explore the potential and various applications of TREZOR hardware. Participants are also welcomed to explore into the security and bugs of TREZOR hardware.

The second category, TREZOR infrastructure, encourages developers to improve support for other cryptocurrencies, develop smart contracts and asset applications, improve secure messaging and encryption of file documents.

The third and last category, TREZOR design, expects designers to introduce simple yet efficient user interface for TREZOR firmware, websites, and applications. Designers that create useful and cool accessories will also be eligible to win the hackathon in this category.

The TREZOR 2.0 Hackathon is a platform developers and designers to collaborate in creating a more secure and enhanced bitcoin ecosystem for companies and regular users. By exploring into the protection of online privacy, digital assets and identity, the developers at the hackathon will be challenged to encounter and improve the limitations of current cryptocurrency and blockchain-based systems.

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