Trends in Crypto Gaming and What the Industry is Doing to Get More Public Attention

The use of cryptocurrencies has mainly started with Bitcoin and it has been around 10 years since Bitcoin has been created. It’s safe to say that after 10 years, cryptocurrencies haven’t hit the mainstream market yet but key players in the industry are still trying.

In 2017, many turned their attention to cryptocurrencies because of their value. At some point in that year, a Bitcoin was valued at 20,000 US dollars and that made quite a noise. Many people have started to look into the industry’s direction and that’s why businesses have to come up with interesting ways to get more people involved.

That’s when crypto gaming rally came about. It was when CryptoKitties came out. It’s a blockchain game for Ethereum users created by Axiom Zen that enables players to buy, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats. It’s one of the first innovations that made cryptocurrencies available for recreation and leisure.

It was a hit as when this came out, many people started to use cryptos. Since this is Ethereum-based, transactions on Ethereum have increased sixfold because of this game. Ethereum got around 15 percent more of the total traffic that it usually has gotten before CryptoKitties.

It’s solid proof that gaming is an effective way to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. It just makes sense why more games similar to CryptoKitties were soon developed. However, that was in 2017 and this year, crypto gaming is set to become better.

Today’s generation appears to be fonder of playing games and also doing this online or with their mobile devices. You can see how many mobile games there are right now and even gambling is prominent in the mobile sector. 

Mobile gambling appears to be a great way to promote cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are now online casinos that are focused on cryptocurrency users. You can check to see which online casinos have cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment for a deposit like the 1xbet app.

The number of mobile users worldwide have already reached around 4 billion and this may continue to grow in the next few years. This just means that reaching out to the mobile market may be the focus of the cryptocurrency industry and it makes a lot of sense.

Tokenization is also a trend that comes with the rise of crypto gaming. Virtual in-game currencies are now tokenized based on a blockchain network and attributing value. This allows game assets to be bought, sold, and also traded outside of the game.

Gamers can eventually earn virtual currencies that can be tradable to crypto or virtual assets. It’s simply a good business idea as it is basically giving players incentives that could promote or get people to play more.

Crypto-gambling can also change in the future. MintDice is bringing in trust and investment opportunities to its players. It has a few investment opportunities that are available for its players. MintDice simply wants to allow players to also capitalize on the success of their business.

The company now offers risk-free Masternode/Staking investment opportunities. This means that players can cheaply invest in shared masternode pools and receive payouts based on the casino’s profits and the amount of their investment.

Another option is to allow the investor to be the bank. This is a form of a risk-free investment so it could guarantee a revenue payout with no risks. The players can get 15 percent of the bets placed on the site, but this will still relate as to how much the player holds on the platform.

What MintDice is doing is quite revolutionary for the crypto gaming and gambling community and it is possible that more online casinos will pick something up from this. 

Recently, a Houston-based gaming startup also got the attention of many as it prepares to release a card game based on cryptocurrencies. This is the first-ever cryptocurrency-themed card game and the company hopes to make crypto users more excited and convert card game lovers to crypto users.

Crypto Tycoon is what the card game is called and it is set to be released in March of this year. This can be played by two to five people who will be tasked to complete portfolios for three cryptocurrencies. Based on reviews of people who have already tried it, it’s a refreshing game that’s easy to get a grip of.

Just think of how Monopoly helped normalized the idea of monopolistic capitalism. Crypto Tycoon may help more people understand how decentralization and cryptocurrencies work.