Tracking Cryptocurrency-Related GitHub Activity With CryptoMiso

Github commits are a great way of gauging how popular a particular cryptocurrency is. Although this is not a perfect metric by any means, it does show a lot of currencies have far more active developers than the rest. A new site, which goes by the name of CryptoMiso, tracks the GitHub activity of over 600 currencies as of right now. Some of the initial findings are rather surprising, although commit numbers can easily be manipulated.

CryptoMiso is an Interesting Project

There are many approaches people can take to gauge the popularity and value of a specific cryptocurrency. The current price, trading volume, and market cap are all common metrics. None of these ever tell the complete story, though, as there are other contributing factors as well. Especially considering most currencies are based on hype and manipulation first and foremost, there is no one individual metric capable of painting a clear picture.

The information found on CryptoMiso is not a perfect indication as to which currencies have bright futures ahead, mind you. It is good to have a site track all of the GitHub commits associated with specific cryptocurrency projects. However, these commits can range from adding a comma to including new features. The numbers alone never tell the whole story, but that doesn’t mean this metric should be overlooked.

So far, the site indicates that Cardano has one of the most active GitHub repositories to date. Over 6,400 commits have been recorded, spread among 51 different contributors. For a project which still has everything to prove, it’s good to see some proper developer activity in this regard. Over 6,000 commits are quite a lot, though, and it is safe to assume quite a lot of these have little to do with actual features. Cleaning up code also counts as a commit on GitHub, after all.

According to CryptoMiso, the top 10 “active” GitHub repos contain some interesting names. The likes of GlobalToken, United Bitcoin, and EOS are not necessarily names one would expect to see high up on this list. In fact, only three of the top 15 cryptocurrencies are on the list right now, whereas the other 12 are far less popular in terms of GitHub activity. Even so, a lot of those coins have been around for some time now. It is only normal that newer projects would see a lot more activity than established cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin also has a very active GitHub repository, by the look of things. With 1,825 commits and over 100 contributors adding and modifying code, things are looking pretty good on this front. Bitcoin Gold and Super Bitcoin have almost identical GitHub commit numbers, and over 100 contributors each as well. It is evident most of these numbers don’t make all that much sense, but they’re interesting to keep an eye on regardless.

Looking at the bigger picture, there are five Bitcoin-related projects among the top 20 on CryptoMiso. That in itself is surprising, although there is still only one Bitcoin in most people’s minds. Surprisingly, Bitcoin Cash ranks 95th. BCH is also the only Bitcoin fork to be labeled as a “clone”, whereas the other forks have no additional description whatsoever.