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TopiaCoin: Enabling Secure Sharing of Digital Assets on Blockchain Technology

Since its inception by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009, the Blockchain has been nothing less than a viral technological revolution in most modern industries. Its decentralized and immutable nature has enabled cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to exceed expectations for growth, advancement, and utility. Over the years, numerous Blockchain related projects have popped up to realize the full capacity of Blockchain’s immutability and reliability.

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From transportation to health, to voting and even agriculture, there is no doubt that Blockchain makes it possible to not only cut out the middle man but to also build an entirely new way of sharing information. However, even with all the sophistication that Blockchain comes with, it is evident that there are some inherent problems in a decentralized network that Blockchain alone cannot solve. In fact, one of the missing innovations that can potentially build the foundation for the new internet is a secure decentralized data layer that allows for the protected and private exchange of data.

After all, never before has there been a higher demand for a secure decentralized data layer now that we live in an advanced internet connected world where digital assets are being shared and distributed across different parties nearly every second. With more technological advancement comes the growing need to authenticate online electronic transactions, and offer security for sensitive information such as medical records, contracts, voting ballots and tax records among others.

To offer a solution to this problem, Topia Technology (through TopiaCoin) is developing data layer libraries that will enable a Secure Decentralized File Sharing Network (SDFS) that will enable users to create secure micro networks to exchange any digital asset associated with a Blockchain transaction.

What You Should Know about Topia Technology

Unlike most Blockchain companies with only a few years (if any) of experience under their belt, Topia Technologies boasts of over 15 years of skin in the game since its founding in 1999. The company has had vast experience building, managing and developing complex and secure data distributions networks for high profile clients such as the US Army, TSA, FAA and the Air Force. Evidently, with such customers, there is no doubt that Topia Technology engineers are a seasoned team of experts who deliver on strict performance metrics.

With knowledge in developing military-grade solutions for enterprises, not to mention expertise in high-performance data security for complex distributed networks, Topia Technology has come up with products such as Secrata (a flexible enterprise security data platform) and TopiaCoin(a combination of Secrata’s proven encryption and the irrefutable capacity of Blockchain technology)

TopiaCoin’s Secure Data Layer for dApps

Although there exist numerous decentralized storage solutions at the moment, available options still lack a capacity for sharing specified digital assets with a select group of clients. With Blockchain’s immutable public ledger, it is easy for most enterprises to think of this new technology as a magic bullet towards achieving top-notch data security.

Blockchain only protects the transaction data from being altered and does not offer any security for the digital assets associated with the transaction.  To achieve comprehensive levels of security to the network as well as the digital asset being transferred on the network, Topia Technology has developed TopiaCoin, which will be the first data security layer for Blockchain based applications.

How TopiaCoin’s Secure Network works

TopiaCoin network will enable the development of dApps such as a Secure File Sharing dApp for sharing of different file sizes while also enabling true end-to-end encryption of the shared files. By this design, a user on the TopiaCoin network will be able to securely send or receive a file of any size without the need of a central authority to verify the transaction.

Users of the platform will also be able to set up file sharing workspaces where there exist micro-networks that allow a specified group of individuals to send and receive sensitive data on a secured network. SDFS is set to be developed on top of other existing technologies such as Distributed Hash Tables and digital ledgers whereby the TopiaCoin will be used as payment on the network.

TopiaCoin Sale Details

With a roadmap set for the development of the TopiaCoin project and a currently complete implementation of the Distributed Hash Table, TopiaCoin is set to have a public sale of its tokens in the next 53 days. The proceeds from the token sale will be used to develop the technology and the network, fund special projects and also conduct community developments and marketing. With over 60 percent of the total token supply being allocated for the public sale, most investors will be eager to participate in this battle-tested Blockchain security solution project.


The fact that Topia Technology’s patented products will be integrated into the TopiaCoin network to enable unique data encryption that will allow enterprises to become impervious to common exploits that exist with SSL or TLS certificates is a plus no matter the industry. Basically, TopiaCoin is set to revolutionize the idea of data integrity on Blockchain networks. TopiaCoin is set to boost the security and immutability of Blockchain technology while allowing for high scalability, interoperability and easy collaborations in all industries.