Top 6 Technology Predictions for 2017

Technology is evolving at an accelerated pace, and innovations are within our grasp. Experts predict some intriguing technology trends for the next year, and 2017 could become quite interesting to say the least. Albeit not all of these predictions will come to fruition, there are plenty of potential trends to get excited about in the coming months. That is, assuming all of these trends will be available to mainstream consumers at affordable rates.

#6 Connected Living Replaces Smart Homes

Everyone has heard about the “smart home” trend, where light bulbs, thermostats, and other devices are controlled through apps on a mobile device. In a way, this is the perfect example of what the Internet of Things will look like. In 2017, companies will improve upon this trend, as cohesive ecosystems for all of these smart devices will be created. Google, Apple, Amazon, and others will fight for the market leader position all year long.

#5 Augmented Reality Will Go Mainstream

While the year 2016 has been all about virtual reality, mobile games such as Pokemon GO show why Augmented Reality should not be underestimated. Experts predict AR will be embraced by business-to-business applications, creating new offerings for consumers to enjoy. This could become one of the biggest consumer trends for all of 2017 if enterprises play their cards right.

#4 The Rise of The Robotic Society

As much as some people may want to oppress the idea, a society invaded by robots is not all that far away. China is the world’s largest robotics market, and they will likely become the first country to introduce robots into the human population. Whether or not this means a lot of jobs will be cut, remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure: the race for cognitive synthetics will start to pick up over the coming years.

#3 Drone Deliveries Will Become The New Norm

It is still a bit early to say for sure, but all signs point toward significant advancements in the drone delivery sector. Unfortunately, it will largely depend on how the governments will regulate this technology in the coming months and years. With the first commercial drone delivery in the history books already, the technology can be taken to the next level in 2017.

#2 Space Exploration Is Within Reach

Commercial space flight may still be a few years away, but it is evident the time is long due to venture into the next frontier once again. With significant cost reductions and machine learning reaching new milestones every year, NASA will launch a few new missions throughout 2017. The search for intelligent life forms will continue, although it is equally possible they may find us well before we reach them.

#1 Synthetic Food

Albeit most people would not think of synthesized food as a technology trend, they would be mistaken. One example of synthetic food is Soylent, which made quite an impact over the past few years. Multiple companies are exploring growing different types of food within lab environments, and the year 2017 could be a turning point for the industry. Our world’s population needs feeding, and natural resources are becoming scarcer every year.

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