Top 6 Smartphone Trends Coming in 2017

Even though smartphones are becoming far more commonplace, we have not yet reached the pinnacle of innovation in this department. In fact earlier this year, we saw several futuristic gadgets being released that can appeal to the masses. Some of these emerging trends may come as a surprise, but they are all primed to become mainstream solutions very soon.

#6 Future VR Improvements For Mobile Devices

As silly as experiencing virtual reality on a mobile phone may look and sound, the concept should not be ignored by any means. Various companies are working on bringing more improvements to mobile VR, including Google’s DayDream. Although we are still far away from creating a VR environment for productivity purposes, things are evolving in the right direction. Plus, it remains the most affordable way to experience virtual reality at home.

#5 Foldable Phones Are Still A Possibility

It seems as if this recurring theme becomes more distant every year, but foldable and bendable smartphones are coming to the mainstream. Samsung is still developing these devices, although no official release dates have been provided. Insiders hint at a first prototype seeing the light of day in 2017, which would turn the entire smartphone market on its head. We may even see smartphones wrapping themselves around our wrists in a few years from now!

#4 Breathalyzers

On paper, it sounds like something that very few people will effectively use in their daily lives. But a smartphone breathalyzer can be quite useful in the right environment, as it allows anyone to see how drunk people are in the blink of can eye. There is a question as to how reliable these tools are, but they are certainly becoming far better at their job than before.

#3 Smartphone Robots

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that these gadgets will instantly turn your phone into a Transformer. Miniature robots controlled by a smartphone are becoming the new hype, and they are getting quite adept as well. Some of them are even capable of dancing to music, following you back home, and even streaming media to you. Plus, they are priced at somewhat affordable rates, too. Who wouldn’t want a robot to hold their smartphone and make it fun to do so as well?

#2 Educational Gadgets

Albeit this category is not technically something to use on a smartphone, its proprietary apps can be controlled through mobile devices. Educational gadgets, such as the Sphero, are quite intriguing innovations. This tool makes it easy to make programming accessible and fun. Plus, it’s a rather cute robot that would go well with any smartphone in existence today.

#1 3D Camera Technology

Perhaps one of the most anticipated technologies of all time is the inception of 3D camera technology in a smartphone. 3D photography has been out of reach for several years now, but it may only be a matter of time. With a dual-camera setup, creating and capturing 3D images should become possible. The technology is already here; it just needs to be fitted into a smartphone.

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