IMAX Announces US$50m Investment In Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming one of the hottest technological commodities available to the world today. Although the majority of VR efforts focus on gaming right now, it is only a matter of time until the technology comes to movie theatres. IMAX is planning to invest US$50m in the creation of high-quality VR content. This is an exciting development, although its success remains uncertain.

IMAX Has Big Plans For Virtual Reality

Many people in the US and Canada know the IMAX brand, which aims to create unparalleled movie theater experiences. But the company behind this initiative is looking towards the future of content creation on the big screen. For now, that focus rests on virtual reality, a frontier that has yet to be fully explored, yet offers tremendous potential.

All signs point toward major plans for IMAX on the virtual reality scene. A total of US$50m is being raised to invest in this new venture, which is no chump change by any means.Several investors have already pledged to this cause, including Acer and several foreign media firms.

According to Engadget, IMAX plans to create a few dozen VR experiences, but not just in theaters. Granted, the company will look into establishing dedicated VR locations, but no one is certain what they will be used for. Interestingly enough, it looks as if there is a genuine interest in this concept by Chinese investors.

At present, virtual reality is still an incumbent technology. Game developers are dipping their toes into creating VR-capable gaming experiences, which still leave a lot to be desired in their current stage. Additionally, the available consumer-grade hardware needed to experience VR is either overly expensive or fails to deliver on its promise.

IMAX can easily become the market leader regarding the introduction of VR experiences in movie theaters. While it remains to be seen if this will happen, it is something to consider for the future. It will also require a ton of virtual reality content for consumers to enjoy, a market that is very barren for the time being.

It is evident that even the movie industry is looking at new ways to cater to customers. Piracy remains a looming threat, and mimicking a VR experience is not straightforward for the average consumer. If IMAX can offer something truly unique, they will not only shake up the VR industry, but the movie industry as well.

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