Top 6 Platforms for Buying Bitcoin With GBP

Now that the Kraken exchange has officially removed the BTC/GBP market, a lot of cryptocurrency traders are looking for alternative solutions. Thankfully, there are still quite a few trading platforms out there, all of which support GBP transactions. Though their user experiences may be slightly different from Kraken’s, every single one of these platforms is certainly worth checking out if you want to buy or sell BTC with GBP.


Although many people have seemingly forgotten about, the company’s exchange business is still active. In fact, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash purchases with GBP, EUR, and U.S. Dollars. is a solid trading platform for users wishing to buy and sell any of these currencies in exchange for British pounds. Its trading volume is not necessarily the highest, but it is a solid alternative.  The company is based in London, which makes its support for GBP second nature.

5. Safello

This Swedish Bitcoin exchange has built up a solid reputation over the past few years. It is one of the more convenient exchanges for people living in Europe, thanks to a wide range of supported deposit and withdrawal methods. Its verification process can usually be completed in less than a day, and it offers generous deposit and withdrawal limits to customers. It is also one of the few platforms still supporting GBP transactions to this very day. It also offers support for credit card purchases, which adds some more convenience to the platform. It is still one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency exchanges to date.

4. Coinfloor

For those users who are looking for a zero-fee Bitcoin trading exchange in the UK, Coinfloor is certainly worth giving a try. The company processes a decent amount of trading volume every single day and supports the GBP currency through various payment methods. Coinfloor has built up a very solid reputation in the UK market as well over the years. It also supports EUR, PLN, and USD transactions, for both withdrawals and deposits alike. All things considered, it is a solid platform for GBP users these days.

3. Bittylicious

For those people who desire a very convenient interface for buying Bitcoin with GBP, Bittylicious has you covered. However, you will be dealing with very low limits until you effectively verify your account. It is a marketplace where sellers offer their currency for sale and is not a traditional exchange by any means. Bittylicious will check your IP address to determine how much Bitcoin you can purchase without verifying first. The platform is mainly designed for UK users, but it does serve other locations as well. It is a solid platform once you get verified and become an active user.

2. CoinCorner

This particular exchange has been on many people’s radars since 2014. CoinCorner makes it easy to purchase Bitcoin with GBP through traditional payment methods, such as debit cards, credit cards, as well as SEPA and bank transfers. It also has its own native mobile wallet, which makes the process of buying and selling Bitcoin even more convenient. CoinCorner is one of the most reputable exchanges across the United Kingdom in this regard and it continues to improve its service on a regular basis. It’s definitely worth checking out for anyone looking to buy or sell Bitcoin in exchange for GBP.

1. LocalBitcoins

The most obvious choice to buy or sell Bitcoin with pounds sterling is LocalBitcoins. It is a very convenient platform facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges. Sellers often charge a small premium for their services, which can make your BTC purchase slightly more expensive than it would be otherwise. Then again, LocalBitcoins is available on a nationwide scale and allows you to complete transactions the same day, depending on the payment method used. It is also one of the most trusted platforms across the entire world.