Top 6 Most Technologically Developed Cities

Quite a few cities around the world are paying close attention as to what is happening in the technology sector. High-tech cities are becoming more common, even though there will always be certain regions where these efforts are more obvious. The World Health Organisation estimated two-thirds of the world population will live in high-tech urban areas over the next 35 years. For some people living in the following cities, that future is already here.

#6 Copenhagen

Although not many people would associate Denmark with a high-tech environment, things are quite different in Copenhagen. Even though there is no big startup and VC culture to speak of right now, their innovation in the urban planning department has gotten a lot of praise. Over the next few years, Copenhagen wants to get rid of fossil fuel and replace it with wind energy.

#5 Shenzhen


Chinese cities are well-known for the affinity for technology. Southern China’s Shenzhen, home to 11 million residents, is becoming the place to be when it comes to filing tech patents. Moreover, the city is a major hub for factories and robots. Additionally, multiple telecom and electronics giants have taken a liking to this city. Big things are expected to come out of Shenzhen over the next decade

#4 Stuttgart

Although Germany is no unknown factor in the technology world, Stuttgart is not a city most people would think of. It is the country’s top exporting city, as companies such as IBM, Bosch, and Hewlett-Packard all have their headquarters there. Moreover, Stuttgart is ranked in the top five when it comes to filing and granting high-tech patents.

#3 Moscow

As “alienated’ as Russia may seem to the outside world, big things are happening in Moscow as of late. Investments in local companies have skyrocketed, partially due to the Russian government setting up the largest space investment fund in all of Russia. Particularly aerospace and technology startups will want to keep a close eye on Moscow over the coming years.

#2 Chicago


Home to some of the world’s greatest sports teams, Chicago is also a startup magnet that should not be overlooked. In fact, the state of Illinois is one of the top five in high-tech jobs across the US, with Chicago representing a majority of these jobs. Urban planning is also gaining a lot of traction in Chicago, mostly due to companies tackling the energy transfer and transportation issues plaguing the city.

#1 San Francisco

It will hardly come as a surprise to find out San Francisco is the most technology-advanced city in the world. Its close proximity to Silicon Valley certainly helps in this regard. San Francisco is the epicenter of all technological inventions gaining mainstream traction. Both small startups and billion dollar corporations try to gain a foothold in Silicon Valley, which is the primary platform for tech companies looking to gain worldwide recognition.

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