Top 5 Technological Marvels Lost to us Forever

In this day and age, it is all about futuristic technology and new innovations. While our society has seen many breakthroughs since the early 1900s, a lot of knowledge has also been lost over the centuries. Even though these “creations” are not necessarily technology-oriented under the current norm, they all had some impact on our society as a whole. It is not unlikely we will rediscover these technological marvels in due time, though.

5. Wireless Power Transfer

Even though some of the more modern electronics are capable of receiving a wireless charge, the primary concept of a wireless power transfer has been lost to us forever. Nicola Tesla is the person responsible for first inventing wireless power transfer as a usable technology. The concept exists in many different technologies allowing for the transmission of energy through electromagnetic fields.

QI charging is one of those technologies. Future use cases would revolve around microwaves to power drone aircraft and light waves to power space elevators. Tesla envisioned using such a groundbreaking technology to power the world’s greatest inventions in the future.

4. Flexible Glass

It may be difficult for people to picture the world in which flexible glass existed. To be more specific, flexible glass dates back to the Roman Empire, as it was invented by a craftsman. Products made out of flexible glass could be thrown on the floor. It would dent in the process, but such an object can be repaired with relative ease. Unfortunately, Julius Caesar had the craftsman possessing this technology beheaded out of fear of how valuable flexible glass would become.

3. Inca Stone Joinery

Anyone who has ever seen a building erected by the Incas will have noticed how their stone joinery work is an absolute marvel to behold. With stones fitting nearly inch-perfect regardless of size or shape, it is baffling how they successfully pulled it. Legend has it the Incas used some unknown plant that softens stones, although those rumors were never officially confirmed. In the end, the Incas were masters of stone joinery, a long-lost forgotten art in the current world.

2. Tesla Death Ray

While Nikola Tesla is known for many great inventions, he also created some projects which can eventually turn into weapons. The Tesla Death Ray, also known as the Teleforce was a charged particle beam weapon. According to Tesla, several successful tests of the death ray were carried out. Concepts such as a rail gun or modern lasers all stem forth from the Teleforce in one way or another. Tesla never revealed the blueprints for the death ray to anyone, and its design is forever lost.

1. Damascus Steel

A lot of people tend to think of earlier societies as being behind the curve compared to our current tech-savvy society. That is not always the case, as Damascus steel is one of the many great inventions lost to us forever. Even though Damascus Steel was accessible until the 1800s, production dwindled afterward. No one knows for sure how Damascus steel is forged or why it makes any object using this metal so sturdy and flexible. It requires a mixture of techniques and alloys, yet metallurgists have been unsuccessful in their attempts to crack the code.

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