Top 5 Smartphone Gadgets Everyone Should Have

With the growing adoption rate of smartphones all over the world, gadgets associated with these devices become more popular than ever. Even though some people may swear by a particular camera lens, there are quite a few different gadgets that virtually everyone should have. Most of these gizmos are not overly expensive either, which makes them affordable Christmas gifts.

#5 Phone Tripods Are Worth Considering

As strange as it may sound, there are quite a few legitimate use cases for smartphone tripods. Shooting a picture or video of something specific at just the right angle is very difficult when holding it in your hands. A tripod can alleviate some of these concerns, particularly when shooting still images or videos. Moving targets, such as pets and flying saucers, will still pose a significant challenge regardless of using a tripod, though.

#4 The Infamous Selfie Stick

Even though some people would much rather see these things gone sooner rather than later, selfie sticks have become a somewhat valuable addition to our society. As the name suggests, people use these gadgets to take better selfies of themselves or a group of friends. But people who enjoy sports, panoramic views, or want to reach something just outside of their regular vision can benefit from these gadgets as well. It is only a matter of time until cats and dogs master the art of selfie sticks, though.

#3 Screen Protectors Are A Must

One of the most commonly used gadgets for any smartphone is a screen protector–or to be more precise, everyone should have one.  Screen protectors are gadgets that keep your phone clean from scratches, dust, fingerprints, and even damage from falling. This latter option is not standard and may push up the price of a screen protector, but using a smartphone without once is almost unthinkable these days.

#2 Get A Solid Case

On the topic of protecting one’s smartphone, a solid case is an absolute must in this day and age. Don’t just go for something that looks easy on the eyes, even though that is an important aspect of owning a phone case. Most cases are designed to improve grip on the device itself, thereby reducing the chance of “phone drop”. Particularly sensitive phones, such as the iPhone models, require a solid case that improves one’s grip.

#1 A Good Powerbank Goes A Long Way

Do not underestimate the added value of a powerbank. With smartphone batteries lasting less and less long these days, it is important to provide an extra charger whenever possible. Powerbanks, while both cheap and portable, provide exactly that at a small cost. Plus, they can be reused for years on end without needing to be replaced.

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