Top 5 Robot Fails

There is a growing market for robotics and people who have experience building their own machines. Not all of these ventures have proven to be successful over the past few years, as there is a growing collection of “robot fails”. This was to be expected, of course, as there are still a lot of advancements to be made in this industry. It is good to see hobbyists showing some interest in creating their own robots, though.

#5 The Breakfast Machine

On paper, the concept of the Breakfast Machine sounds absolutely great. Although it is nothing more than a robotic arm programmed to pour cereal and milk into a bowl. When done, it picks up a spoon and feeds owner Simone Giertz every morning. Unfortunately, that is not how the Breakfast Machine turned out to work, as it is a very clumsy device not even capable of properly pouring milk into a bowl. A valiant effort, though, but not something anyone wants in their home right now.

#4 Fatty Injures A Human

Quite a few people are concerned about the impact robots will have on our society. Not only will a lot of jobs be made obsolete in the process, but one never knows is a robot will hurt humans. Fatty, a robot demonstrates at 2016’s Hi-Tech Fair rammed into a booth by accident. As the booth’s glass shattered, one bystander received a few small shards in her ankle.

Although the injured person turned out to be alright, it is a clear example of how robots are not always able doing the right thing. After all, it turned out Fatty was just following its owner’s orders, as he pressed the wrong button. A very unfortunate event, although it is -theoretically – not the robot’s fault its owner can’t distinguish between forward and backward.

#3 Prosthetic Arm Has Its Own Will

There is nothing funny about people who need prosthetics to replace a missing limb. Unfortunately for one person who wanted to demonstrate his self-created robotic arm, he became an internet sensation overnight. It is rather troublesome to think of a robotic arm that has its own will and can’t be properly controlled by its primary user, as you can see in the video below.

#2 The Beer-pouring Robot

Although it may sound convenient to have a robot serve up one’s beer, the reality is very different in most cases. One image on the internet shows a cute robot with an arm and a beer can holder. Insert the can, put in the glass, and your beer will be served for you. Sadly, the robot is pouring the beer way too fast, causing a huge spill. Not to mention the waste of a perfectly decent beer in the process. It is unclear who made this robot, though, but we can only hope they made the necessary adjustments in the process.

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#1 Why Open A Door?

On paper, it sounds quite interesting to have a robot open doors for us. This can prove to be incredibly valuable when we have our hands full, or even loose our keys. Unfortunately, not every robot is capable of doing such a simple task, as the image below illustrates. Instead of just turning the doorknob, the robot plows through the entire door as it turned the knob in the wrong direction. It will take some time before these types of robots make it into hotels all over the world, that much is certain.

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