Top 5 Newspapers and Magazines Hyping Up Bitcoin Right Now

Quite a few mainstream media outlets are suddenly showing an interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Over the past few years, most of the media attention has been rather negative. In recent weeks, several newspapers printed some pro-Bitcoin articles, which caught a lot of people by surprise. It appears this is occurring all over the world as of late, which is quite interesting to see.

5. Süddeutsche Zeitung

bitcoin german newspaper

A lot of people in Germany were quite surprised to see a major Bitcoin article show up in the Süddeutsche Zeitung this week. The article itself is quite positive as well, as it mentions Bitcoin’s decentralization, technology, Ethereum, and how it is not anonymous. There is some minor negative content associated with this story as well, although this is mainly speculation and misinformation. It is quite surprising to see this rather positive article show up in a mainstream media outlet, but it could be a sign of things to come.

4. Argentina’s Leading Financial Newspaper

argentina newspaper bitcoin

Although this particular newspaper did not publish an actual article about Bitcoin, they have made some major changes in recent weeks. It turns out they now list Bitcoin as one of the primary financial indicators for their readers. It is quite interesting to see Bitcoin mentioned alongside the Dow Jones and Argentina’s stock markets as well. It is evident Bitcoin can make a major impact in Argentina over the next few years, and awareness is slowly increasing.

3. Dagens Naeringsliv

dagens bitcoin

Norway is a country a lot of people would not necessarily associate with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The country’s leading financial newspaper did a recent expose about Bitcoin and how one of the country’s most notorious investors sold all of his stocks to buy Bitcoin. This story has gotten a lot of attention, especially when considering how Kristoffer Hansen bought Bitcoin at a relatively high price.

2. Barron’s Magazine

barron's magazine

Most people will have never heard of Barron’s magazine, yet it is quite a popular medium among investors, analysts, and market speculators. Barron’s magazine usually keeps tabs on stock investing opportunities, yet they also published a Bitcoin reference in their comic this week. It depicts financial experts discussing different market aspects, including how “Bitcoin is going berserk.” A very interesting take on things, although it remains to be seen how many will pay attention to this reference.

1. The Moscow Times

bitcoin the moscow times

The relationship between Russia and Bitcoin has always been a queasy one. Local legislators have never been too keen on cryptocurrency in general, even though they certainly see the value of blockchain technology. However, this situation has come to change for the better over the past few years. In fact, there are quite a few people who claim Russia feels cryptocurrency “is the future of finance.”

A similar statement was echoed on the cover of a recent edition of The Moscow Times. The magazine featured a two-page article related to the rise of Bitcoin. It is evident cryptocurrency is on a lot of people’s radar right now. Getting positive mainstream attention by The Moscow Times is another validation of how things are changing in favor of Bitcoin right now. It will be interesting to see if this trend keeps up.

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