Top 5 Futuristic Devices we Needed Years ago

The world of technology is seeing some significant advances over the past few decades. A concept that was deemed to be futuristic is coming to life a lot quicker than anticipated. Some of these futuristic technology designs are already here, with others to be completed in the next three to five years. Exciting times are ahead of us, that much is certain.

#5 The AirMule

Although this product has not been made available yet, Israeli Firm Urban Aeronautics is more than confident their AirMule project will become a reality by 2020. The unmanned flying car – yes, a car – will be used for search and rescue operations in remote and hostile areas. Quite a powerful tool for victims of earthquakes, landslides, floods, or people stranded on a remote mountaintop, for example.

Unfortunately, it will take some time until we see the so-called hover cards, consumers have been dreaming about for some time. Interestingly enough, that concept is being developed by the same company, alongside with the AirMule. It is not unlikely both types of flying vehicles will come to fruition over the next few years.

#4 SLJ900

If you have never seen the SLH900 in action, you will be in for a treat. This machine takes the concept of building whole bridges in a few days to the next level. Chinese engineers have used this machine for quite some time now. It weighs 580 tons, and measures 300 feet long, 24 feet wide, and 30 feet tall. For now, it is “only’ used to lay tracks for new bridges, yet it is capable of doing so much quicker and efficient compared to any other technology.

#3 The Door Design of the Future

Doors have always been a bit boring to deal with, as they require a knob or handle to open. Moreover, a door can only be used in one way, with no extra bells and whistles. The door of the future may look different, though, as it takes a gentle tug to open, and a gentle push to close. It does so in quite an intriguing way, that much is certain.  

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#2 The Monster Bus

Do not be mistaken in thinking this machine is a new monster truck, even though it does drive in cars. China is coming up with creative ways to solve traffic congestion for public transportation. A new type of bus was introduced last year that “hovers’ over existing vehicles. It may look scary, but it goes to show human engineering can be quite creative given enough time and resources.

#1 Bullet-train Networks

Earlier this year, China has successfully finished the rollout of their bullet-train network. It took 12,500 miles of high-speed rail lines to be upgraded, and another 9,500 miles will be added by 2025. Riding a bullet-train between two cities takes 19 minutes, and comes at very affordable prices. Although it remains to be seen if these efforts are a complete waste of time, the country is prepared for the next generation of train commutes.

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