Top 5 Enterprise Cloud Trend Predictions for 2017

Cloud computing has become a prominent trend in the enterprise sector over the past few years. Every now and then, it is quite interesting to see a detailed infographic as to what the future holds for cloud computing. There is still a lot of room left for growth where this industry is concerned, although there are some lingering issues that still need to be addressed as well.

5. Private Cloud Usage Is Dropping

It is rather interesting to see companies are actively moving away from private cloud-based services. Instead, global enterprises are looking to shift to alternative solutions. With a near 25% decline in private cloud system usage compared to a year ago, it is evident new solutions are being sought after. Whether or not decentralized and blockchain-based cloud models will play a big role in the future, remains to be seen.

4. Large Growth For Public Cloud Services

As companies move away from private solutions, it is evident some business will look at public cloud services. Based on the infographic provided to us, that growth will result in a 22% growth between now and 2020. If all things go according to plan, public-cloud services – combined with SaaS – will result in an industry-wide valuation of US$236bn. Quite an impressive growth, assuming public-cloud services can deliver the service companies seek after.

3. Common Problems Force The Shift

It is always interesting to see why companies are moving away from a tried-and-tested business model. Private cloud solutions have been the norm for some time now, yet they pose a set of problems difficult to overcome. First of all, there is the scalability issue, which is of the utmost importance to virtually any enterprise embracing cloud-based platforms.

Secondly, the performance of private cloud services has proven to be quite the bottleneck. If resources cannot be accessed in a quick and convenient manner, there is no point in using a private service either. The bigger question is whether or not public-cloud services can handle the load once a lot of major companies leave private cloud services behind.

2. The Industry is Not Necessarily Growing

Even though the infographic seems to indicate 2017 will be all about companies shuffling resources around, the overall cloud industry continues to boom. That being said, it is believed there will be less growth in 2017 compared to previous years. Public cloud services will be utilized by 89% of the companies surveyed, yet private cloud and hybrid cloud usage will take a significant hit. With fewer companies active in the cloud, the question becomes what type of solutions these enterprises will start looking for moving forward.

1. Same Concerns Remain A Key Issue

Regardless of using either public or private cloud solutions, there are still critical issues which need to be resolved sooner rather than later. Security deficits in the technology remain a key concern for 57% of companies, followed by unauthorized access to proprietary information and unauthorized access to leak customer information. These latter two will be facilitated by the growing Shadow IT sector, by the look of things.

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