Top 5 Disruptive Technologies

In this day and age of growing digitization and technology, it is only normal some new trends will emerge over the next few years. So far, we have seen a few new concepts to make headway into the mainstream, even though they are far from widespread right now. The coming years will be quite intriguing, as these are exciting times to be alive.

#5 Advances Made In Genomics

Although most people will have never heard of genomics, it is a field where major technological breakthroughs will be made in the coming years. New advanced and improved understanding of the human genomic structure allows us to improve agriculture and living conditions as a whole. Research in this field is made possible thanks to new technologies, and scientists gain a better understanding of plants and animals every day.

#4 Improved Energy Storage

If there is one thing technological advancements have shown us, it is how heavily we rely on energy storage devices. Lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, and hybrid vehicles are just a few examples of this technology being put to use. Further innovation in this field will allow for more energy storage in batteries and fuel cells.

Although this may not necessarily improve a battery life overnight, it could aid in improving the amount of electricity one can store from renewable sources such as solar energy. Moreover, if more electric vehicles become more popular, we will need better energy storage solutions, that much is certain.

#3 3D Printing

One of the very few trends that made it into the mainstream over the past 18 months is 3D printing. Plenty of materials we use today can be printed at home, and prices for the printer hardware have dropped significantly. Although far from everyone has a 3D printer at home or in the office, they are becoming more common. Potential cost-saving measures offered by 3D printing can pay back the initial investment quite quickly. Plus, 3D printing allows creators to build their own products in mere hours.

#2 Bitcoin

Depending on whom you pose the question to, Bitcoin is either disruptive or worthless. However, no matter how you look at it global frictionless transactions without intermediaries is a revolutionary concept. Moreover, Bitcoin is the only form of money that can bring financial inclusion to the whole world with little effort. For now, Bitcoin is not as widespread as it could be, but things continue to improve every quarter.

#1 Autonomous Vehicles

It is impossible to picture the world in which no one talks about self-driving vehicles these days. Various companies, including Google, Tesla, and others are exploring how this technology can be used. Driverless vehicles will extend beyond traditional cars, as autonomous trucks present a viable use case as well. It will take a few more years before consumers will have access to self-driving vehicles, but it will happen eventually.

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