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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Traders, Holders, and Investors

For many cryptocurrency users, buying, holding, and spending digital assets is not the only thing they do with them. Many leverage various assets against each other in order to make a profit, much like traditional forex trading.

However this can be a difficult task, especially when no one knows what the market is going to do. It can be scary, even for veteran crypto users to risk their assets. There are tools available like CryptoPing, which is a telegram bot that analyzes market data for its users.

To put myself at ease, and just to be more knowledgeable about the cryptosphere in general, I sometimes like to follow trends and signals from others. Here are five of the investors, traders, and activists I like to follow for information and inspiration.

5. Tim Draper (@timdraper)

Tim Draper is an excellent person to follow for bitcoin news and information in my opinion. He is an American venture capitalist and sees massive opportunity where many of his contemporaries may not. I am specifically referring here to his purchase of massive amounts of Bitcoin from US Marshals that were seized when the Silk Road was shut down. He purchased 30,000 Bitcoin in 2014 in that auction.

Being able to stand out in the cutthroat world of venture capitalism and cryptocurrency while consistently getting it right suggests that he is doing something correctly and worth listening to.

4. Gavin Andresen (@gavinandresen)

I think we all know who Gavin is, but for those of you who may not, Gavin is one of the Bitcoin Core original developers. Regardless of where you stand on the blocksize debate, to underestimate the value of Gavin’s words is a mistake I do not intend on making.

3. Marc Andreessen (@pmarca)

Following Marc Andreessen has been one of the better decisions I have made too. I follow Mar for similar reasons why I follow and listen to what Tim Draper has to say -even when it isn’t crypto related-. Marc has invested truly staggering amounts into Bitcoin startups, that alone is a good reason to keep an ear out for what he has to say about business. I think knowledge of Crypto start ups is imperative to guessing where the market is headed.

2. Barry Silbert (@barrysilbert)

Barry Silbert is a well known Bitcoin holder and influencer in the field. He gauges the pulse of the cryptosphere and gives his input. The fact that he is pushing for wider adoption of Cryptos and the Blockchain speak to me, as I also fancy myself a cryptocurrency evangelist -though I have no illusion that I do not have the same magnitude as anyone mentioned here-.

1. Arthur from BitMEX ( @BitMexdotcom)

I started following Arthur from BitMEX even though he does not have a personal account after reading a blurb about him on a few years back -this was back in the earlier days of my cryptocurrency life-. His analysis of the cryptocurrency market is truly remarkable. He is the CEO BitMEX, which is a Bitcoin trading platform and other digital assets.

One of the reasons I really like to follow him is because the tweets he posts from BitMEX are an excellent source of information, particularly surrounding arbitraging. He and BitMEX can be helpful in identifying the next bull/bear market. Overall I really appreciate their data and presentation of it.


These are only a few of the many intelligent voices speaking their minds and sharing their influence in the cryptosphere. I do my best to keep up with what everyone is saying, then judge it for myself. But looking for validation in all things -including trade- is a very human attribute. We all want to get others opinions and feel like we have made the right choice.

One cool thing coming out soon is CryptoPing’s social platform that they plan on launching after their ICO is over. This is a cool concept to me, as it allows individuals to post their trades and others can see what people are signaling. This is similar to following the trades of traditional investors, and potentially an incredibly useful tool

This is not trading or investment advice. The only advice I will give is to never invest more than you are able/willing to lose. If you liked this article, follow us on Twitter @themerklenews and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and technology news.