Top 5 Bitcoin Donation Addresses to Date

Donations with bitcoin have become far more common compared to a few years ago. Due to its global accessibility and no involvement by banks or governments, using bitcoin for donation purposes makes a lot of sense. Throughout the years, there have been quite a few donations in the cryptocurrency world, even though the number of transactions often far outweighs the amount of money received.

#5 Free Ross

Ever since the Silk Road investigation came to a close, Bitcoin users have been vying to see Ross Ulbricht’s life sentence in prison reduced to a more normal sentence. So far, these efforts have been in vain, despite quite a few bitcoin donations being collected throughout the years. The Free Ross vanity Bitcoin address received over 812 Bitcoin in donations so far. That is quite a decent amount, as Ross Ulbricht’s lawyers are not letting the case go just yet.

#4 Lifeboat Foundation

One of the initiatives that seem to fly under the radar quite often is the Lifeboat Foundation. With a strong focus on longevity, life after death, cryosleep, and various other scientific breakthroughs, the Lifeboat Foundation is quite intriguing to keep an eye on. The group has two separate bitcoin donations, which received over 221 bitcoin in donations combined. Bitcoin users like their scientific research, that much is certain.

#3 Bitcoin Foundation

Even though the Bitcoin Foundation has gotten a slightly bad reputation over the past few years, the community used to send over quite a few donations their way. In fact, the Bitcoin Foundation received nearly 6,000 bitcoin from investors, contributors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. That is a staggering amount of money, of which nearly nothing remains today.

Considering these donations were spread among 1,171 individual transactions, one could say the average donations accumulated to just over 5 bitcoin. That is not entirely true, as a lot of money was donated before bitcoin even had any significant value. Things have changed in recent months, though, as it is doubtful the foundation will receive a similarly high amount of donations in the future anytime soon.

#2 Gavin Andresen Faucet Donation

In the early days of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, faucets were all the rage. Users could collect large amounts of bitcoin by visiting sites or entering CAPTCHA codes. One of the largest faucets of its kind was the one run by Gavin Andresen, as both donation addresses received nearly 20,000 BTC in funds. All of the funds were returned to the bitcoin community once they used these faucets. The final transaction took place on October 8, 2015.

#1 WikiLeaks

The future of WikiLeaks and bitcoin seems entwined, ever since the Wikileaks platform had to look for an alternative donation solution. Bitcoin has proven to be quite a powerful solution, in this regard, as the two donation addresses combined saw nearly 50,000 transactions so far. Although that “only” amasses to just below 4,000 BTC in donations, it is evident cryptocurrency enthusiasts value what WikiLeaks is doing.

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