Top 5 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

The bitcoin sector allows anyone on the planet to make some decent money on the side. This can be achieved even without holding any bitcoin to begin with. Affiliate programs have always been a powerful source of passive income, assuming one can find companies worth trusting. Below are some of the bitcoin affiliate programs well worth checking out.

5. 1Broker

1Broker is one of the most renowned trading platforms in the world. The company allows bitcoin users to trade CFDs for top forex pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities. Moreover, their affiliate program offers 15% commission on spreads paid for by any other trader who signs up using the affiliate link. It is well worth checking out for people who are planning to focus on promoting such trading platforms.

4. HaasOnline

Trading bots can be a powerful tool when trading bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies. Various traders rely on bots to do their bidding, including the popular HaasOnline bot. Users can sign up for the platform’s affiliate program and earn 10% of each referred sale. Additionally, they will earn US$10 in commission whenever a referred customer spends US$100 through the bot. All affiliate program signups will go through a manual approval process, though.

3. CoinURL

URL Redirection programs have always been a viable source of income, assuming the affiliate puts some work into it. CoinURL providers banner and URL shortening ads, which affiliate can use to earn revenue. An affiliate earns 5% of revenue from ad purchases and 1% commission of link publisher and website owner earnings. Commission will be earned based on the lifetime of the affiliate and referral accounts. Do keep in mind that some research is required before venturing into the CoinURL affiliate program, though, as the company will crack down on fraudulent traffic rather quickly.

2. LocalBitcoins / Paxful

Peer-to-peer bitcoin trading is becoming more popular all over the world, thanks to platforms such as LocalBitcoins and Paxful. The LocalBitcoins affiliate program lets you earn 20% of the referral’s trading fee on every trade, with payouts processed every single day. Paxful pays 2% of the referral’s sale amounts to the affiliate, with commissions being earned for up to one year per referral. Interestingly enough, Paxful processes affiliate payouts immediately, which is a nice touch.

1. KeepKey / Ledger / Trezor

Hardware bitcoin wallets are the best way to safely secure your coins at any given time. Trezor, KeepKey and ledger are three of the market leaders in this regard, each of which provides a viable affiliate program. Ledger pays 15% of the net sale Рexcluding shipping and VAT  and sends out payments once per month. The commission is applied once per sale, which is only normal.

KeepKey offers 10% of the sale cost, but it is also possible to refer other affiliates and receive 5% of their earnings. It is a slightly more advanced affiliate program compared to Ledger. Last but not least, Trezor offers up to 10% commission per sale, and maintains a similar payout frequency as Ledger. All three companies are legitimate and their hardware wallets are a must-have for everyone who takes bitcoin seriously.

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