Top 5 AI Chatbots You Didn’t Know Existed

It seems evident artificial intelligence will change the way we think about chatbots moving forward. Albeit various companies are focusing on this type of activity, there are a few projects which bring something new to the table. Below are a few examples of AI chatbots and what they hope to achieve in the future.

5. Swelly

Having an easy to remember name will go a long way when trying to gain mainstream traction. Swell seems to be on the right track, as their Swelly bot is proving to be both insightful and incredibly smart. Swelly is capable of helping people make [important] decisions. With a visual conversational UX that can make even human conversation look bland, Swelly is one of the most effective AI chatbots the world has seen to date. Over 1.5m people make use of this and the company’s cross-platform bots already, making it well worth checking out.

4. Poncho

AI chatbots are often renowned for their wits and humor levels. Poncho – since its latest version update – have proven to be more than just your average weather bot. It is both witty and fun, capable of predicting one’s horoscope, and comes with a quirky personality that will generate unique responses on a regular basis. In fact, some people feel Poncho’s AI solutions comes packed with the world’s best copywriting seen to date. Definitely a contender to keep in mind when comparing AI chatbots in the future.

3. Burberry

Who ever thought fashion brands would show an interest in artificially intelligent chatbots? Burberry has been working on their digital solution for quite some time. As one would expect from the popular brand, its AI offering focuses on creating an aura of exclusivity. When presented during the London Fashion Week in 2016, users could take the AI chat bot to browse the catalog and shop the collection. All in all, this is a very interactive experience, which highlights the potential of AI-based bots.

2. KLM Messenger Bot

Booking a flight is usually done over the internet or through a travel agency these days. KLM, the world-renowned airline, is looking to take things one step further with their Messenger bot. This new tool allows passengers to receive flight documentation via Messenger, including booking confirmation, boarding pass, and flight status updates. It basically has everything one could ask for in a rather convenient package.

Moreover, having all of this information available on the go is what makes this AI chat bot so incredibly powerful. Even if people would leave their printed version at home, they could still use the digital documentation to board their flight without problems. In fact, once someone books a flight through the KLM website, they can send the information directly to Messenger with one click.

1. Yeshi

Not every AI chat bot in the world has to focus on convenience or consumer spending. Yeshi, an AI bot developed by Charity: Water and Lokai, aims to educate people on the harsh living conditions found in Ethiopia. Thanks to personal storytelling, media sharing, and geolocation, it almost feels as if one is talking to a person living in these harsh conditions. Moreover, Yeshi integrated Stripe support to raise funds for Charity: Water, which is a clever addition.

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