Top 4 Ways To Buy Stocks

Despite the global appeal the stock market has, it is still difficult for everyday consumers to obtain stocks in a convenient manner. Thankfully, things have become slightly easier over time, and there are multiple ways to choose from right now. Investing in stocks always carries a risk, though, and there is no guarantee one will make a profit.

#4 Using A “Physical” Stockbroker

The most common way to buy stocks is by relying on a third-party stockbroker. To be more precise, one needs a stockbroker licensed to purchase securities on behalf of others. It is not as simple as looking up a stockbroker in the phone book, though, as there are different types of service providers.  Every investor has their own individual needs, and these service providers aim to provide an optimal experience.

Four main categories of stockbrokers exist order-takers, full-service brokers, discount brokers, and money managers. A thorough comparison of all these different service providers can be found here, which should give people a good idea of what they can expect from using a third-party service provider to help them venture into the stock market.

#3 Self-managed Online Brokerage Account

Slightly more advanced traders – or people who like to take risks – will usually opt for the online brokerage account. Most of these online services allow users to simply deposit funds and buy the stock they want, after going through an identity verification process. Buying and selling stocks online is becoming more common, but it usually means you are on your own when decisions have to be made. Do keep mind there may be a commission fee for successful stock trades.

#2 Direct Stock Purchase Plan

As the name suggests, a direct stock purchase plan allows investors to purchase stocks from a company directly. It is a valuable solution for those looking to start out with a small amount of money, and are looking to cut out the middleman. Companies on the stock market work through dedicated transfer agents who debit a fixed amount from your checking account every month and use that money to buy stocks.

This is a hassle-free stock trading experience, although one that people need to keep track of. Moreover, it gives investors a convenient option to invest in multiple companies by just using their bank account.  Do keep in mind some of these plans come with a subscription fee or commission percentage that will be deducted from potential earnings.

#1 Buying Stocks With Bitcoin (Sort Of)

A few platforms have started to accept Bitcoin as a payment option in exchange for stocks. However, this method means traders are not buying the stock itself, but rather use margin trading tools. Leveraged stock market trading with Bitcoin can yield some very handsome returns over time, and now could be an interesting time to short some companies’ stocks with Bitcoin.

This may be a good way for cryptocurrency holders to try and make money from traditional stocks, even though they do not own the stock itself. Margin trading with Bitcoin is becoming quite popular as of late. Always do your own research before trusting a platform offering such a service, though. This type of “buying stocks”  requires a good understanding of how margin trading works.

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