Top 4 Underrated Technologies

Our society has reaped the rewards from the industrial revolution, as well as the first wave of technological revolution that came right after it. Some of the technology types we use today are awe-inspiring, even though we have started to take them for granted. Technology is awe-inspiring in every way possible, and this list will go over the top 4 most underrated technologies.

#4 Fibre Optics

What makes fibre optics so intriguing is how this technology dates back all the way to the year 1840. At that time, Alexander Graham Bell developed the technology to transmit voice signals over an optical beam. We later came to know this technology as the “telephone”, or “landline” as it is often referred to in this day and age.

In the Internet world, fibre optics have only just begun to gain mainstream traction. Higher internet speeds allow us to share and gather information more quickly, although fiber optics are not available in every part of the world just yet. Since these cubes or are immune to electrical interference, they are perfect for computer networking in general. Moreover, a fibre optic connection is considered to be more secure.

#3 Nano Robots

The term nano robots can be found in better sci-fi novels and TV shows these days. Contrary to what most people would believe, however, nano robots are very real and already exist among us. To be more precise, these robots are often used to determine drugs to the correct part of the body of patients suffering from terminal cancer. A very powerful technological feat that should not be underestimated by any means.

#2 The Internet of Things

A lot has been said and written about the Internet of Things, despite this technology still being in the very early stages of mainstream traction. Objects who can communicate with other devices over the Internet is a very novel concept, yet it also poses quite a few security challenges. Rest assured a lot more news will come out of the IoT sector in the coming years, as more of these devices will make it into mainstream homes and locations all over the world.

#1 Prosthetic Limbs

In the year 2017, it almost seems straightforward to replace a missing limb with a prosthetic version. Up until a decade ago, such a concept was impossible to comprehend, as losing an arm or a leg would mean that functionality would be lost to us forever. Thanks to major advancements made in health care, prosthetic limbs have become a normality in recent years, mainly because they are starting to look very real.

Moreover, the early generations of prosthetic limbs were never designed to let its users “feel” anything in the traditional sense. This situation has come to change as well, thanks to DARPA’s hard work of implementing neurotechnology. With realistic-looking prosthetics which become more powerful in functionality as time progresses, the future of prosthetics is looking very bright.

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