Top 4 Types of Locations Using Artificial Intelligence

Most technology enthusiasts will admit artificial intelligence is one of the most important trends to keep an eye on. Unlike what most consumers may think, however, AI is coming towards locations near them a lot sooner than anticipated. Virtually every type of business can benefit from AI moving forward, even though some implementations will require a more creative approach.

4. Restaurants

It may sound odd to think of artificial intelligence as being a part of the restaurant industry. However, even these particular enterprises have to keep a close eye on innovative technologies. Artificial intelligence can be of great value in this regard, as the technology can provide restaurant owners with powerful insights. Combining data from the restaurant with location information can lead to intriguing results.

For example, restaurant owners are capable of determining how competitors’ presence affects their own business. Moreover, it can even provide an estimate of how profitable a specific location should be. For people looking to open up a new restaurant, having that estimate can be a vital determining factor. It also allows restaurants to organize their inventory in an optimal manner and improve the overall customer experience.

3. Schools

It is not hard to see AI would be advantageous in the educational sector. Intelligent tutoring systems are getting a lot of attention these days. While these platforms are mostly developed for higher education, it is not impossible we will see similar tools deployed in high school  over the next few years. Artificial intelligence-based tutors will not replace teachers, but they merely complement them. They also serve as an “always on standby” entity to ask questions to.

2. Hospitals

Various hospitals around the world have embraced artificial intelligence to aid in the medical field. Medical diagnosis is one particular area of interest, as doctors and AI solutions come to conclusions together to see the bigger picture. AI is also used to scan patient digital images, mostly to detect tumors. Artificial intelligence will also, together with doctors and practitioners, determine the best treatment plans for individual patients. Using AI will become a lot more apparent in the medical sector over the coming years, although it is already actively deployed today.

1. Wildlife Parks

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list is how wildlife parks are embracing artificial intelligence. Combined with game theory, AI is used to fight poachers and keep the animals safe at all times. Outwitting the adversaries who seek economic gain from harming animals is of the utmost importance for any wildlife park around the world. Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security, as this technology is called, will make a big impact on a global scale in the coming years, that much is certain.

Artificial intelligence is not only used to keep the bad guys out, though. Some locations experiment with AI-driven solutions to gather information about individual animals, allowing scientists to track their movement increase the overall knowledge of specific species. It is evident AI can have multiple use cases in the wildlife sector over the coming years.

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