Top 4 Things to Buy With Google Play Credits

Whether you got a gift card with google play credit, have an app that gives you credit for filling out surveys (like Google Rewards), or have been gifted credit by a company like Project Fi, there comes a time when you have to answer the question “what do I do with this?”

The credits feel great when you receive them, but when it comes time to spend them it may seem rather difficult to find the right options. This is especially true with the app Bitit which used to let the user purchase in app credits that could be exchanged for Bitcoin has been taken off the Play Store. So the question prevails then, what should you use these credits on? Considering most of the apps we use are free ones, what good are Google Play credits?

4. A Mobile VPN

The Google Play Store has a few different VPN apps that can be used on mobile devices and other computers via a Google Chrome Extension. I put this so high on my list in light of recent events in the US Legislative and Executive Branch concerning consumer privacy. While there are free VPN apps in the Google Play Store, I would honestly suggest paying for a VPN service over using a free one.

The quality of protection and security is just much better usually. Also, the elephant in the room with free VPNs is that you likely are being used as a possible exit node for the premium users of VPNs owned by the same company as the free one. This much has become apparent during the “Hola VPN” scandal that came to a head a few years ago. Especially if your google credits are due to run out soon, purchasing a premium VPN for your device may not be a bad way to go.

3. Games and In App Purchases

Usually I would shy away from suggesting that anyone spend money on “freemium” games and apps, but again, if your credits are set to expire it may not be the worst idea. If you have long or noisy commutes where you do not care to read or listen to podcasts, an entertaining game may suit you better. There is no shortage of choices in this regard.

2. Google Play Music

This service is analogous to Spotify Premium. Unlimited streaming of music and downloading for off-data consumption means that any audiophile is going to be pleased with this service. Google does allow you to use Google Play Credits to pay for the service (which is about $10.80/month after taxes).

You can feel good about rocking out too, as Google pays out more to the artists than iTunes does. What I think gives Google Play Music an edge over Spotify Premium and iTunes is that this subscription also includes a subscription to YouTube Red, which is the ad-free and exclusive content version of YouTube.

1. Books and Movies

Google’s Play Store also has movies and books that you are able to spend credit on. The books are added to your book library, while movies for the most part are cheaper to rent for a certain amount of time rather than purchasing them outright.

This means if you have a date night in or just feel like watching something that Netflix or Amazon Prime Video may not offer, you can use those rotting credits to get a little entertainment. I recently use my credits on e-Book copies of the Witcher Series since I’m a fan of those, and now I get to read them on the bus and train without having to lug around hundreds and hundreds of pages.

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