Top 4 Places to Book a Flight with Bitcoin

Various companies all over the world have started to accept bitcoin payments as of late. Particularly the travel industry seems to be warming up to bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. Booking a flight or hotel with bitcoin has become significantly easier. We looked at some of the companies making this all possible.

4. Destinia

The name Destinia will ring a bell for quite a lot of people. On their website, it is possible to book flights and accommodations for nearly any location one can think of. Destinia also accepts bitcoin payments, which makes them one of the front runners to do so. Over the years, a lot of bitcoin users made use of Destinia’s services, which is a positive trend to take note of.

3. Webjet Exclusives

This Australian travel agency made quite some media headlines in 2015 when they announced the acceptance of bitcoin payments. Although this is only applicable to the Webjet Exclusives part of the website, users can still book flights and cruises with bitcoin without much effort. This is quite a significant deal, as Webjets exclusives is offering travel to all parts of the world.

To enable bitcoin payments, the Webjet online travel agency partnered with BitPOS to allow for cryptocurrency payments. The company sees bitcoin as an innovative addition to their existing payment solutions. It is possible the bitcoin payment option will be expanded to other products in the future, although Webjet has not confirmed such a move at this time.

2. CheapAir

CheapAir is one of the first travel agencies in the world to accept bitcoin payments. That in itself makes the company quite valuable to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as more use cases for bitcoin are always welcome. Over the years, the company has seen quite a significant interest from bitcoin users, which goes to show booking flights with bitcoin has quickly become a trend.

Earlier this week, CheapAir announced the company has seen a 74% increase in bitcoin sales. This change can mostly be attributed to the bitcoin price rally, which started in the second half of 2016. As the price per BTC goes up, consumers spend less bitcoin to pay the same amount. This creates a valid reason to spend some cryptocurrency, rather than hoard it.

1. Expedia

When one of the world’s largest travel agencies accepts bitcoin payments, one knows exciting things are bound to happen sooner or later. Expedia is one of the world’s best-known travel agencies, and they started accepting bitcoin payments several years ago. It is unclear how many bookings are paid with bitcoin through the Expedia platform. As long as the company keeps accepting bitcoin, the decision must be paying off, which is what matters most.

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