Top 4 OneCoin Shills to Watch out for

Everyone with a semi-functional brain will come to the conclusion OneCoin is an utter scam. What is rather strange, however, is how the company is not transparent about its management team by any means. In fact, there is only one name popping up everywhere. After doing some digging, we came across multiple members who are official OneCoin representatives. It is unclear if some of these identities are fake or not, though.

4. David Imonitie

Back in October of 2016, the OneCoin team sent out a press release explaining the addition of David Imonitie to the OneLife Network. David Imonitie is a relatively unknown person and it is unclear when he joined OneCoin exactly. He helped the overarching company grow and is response for generating over US$80m in revenue. It is evident this individual is responsible for causing a lot of financial losses over the years, although he successfully increased his life standards along the way.

3. Daniel Grenon

While Daniel Grenon has a gaze that demands your utter attention, he managed to become a valuable member of OneCoin some time ago. Interestingly enough, both him and David Imonitie used to work for Organo Gold before leaving their luxurious positions and venture into the world of MLM-based scams. Then again, it appears Organo Gold is another MLM scheme people should be very wary about.

Daniel Grenon joined the OneCoin team in March of 2016, albeit his position within the company remains unknown to this very day. He is a leader of the One Dream Team, which is spearheaded by the Steinkeller brothers. Anyone affiliated with OneCoin and its scamming practices should be avoided at all costs, and Daniel Grenon is no exception by any means.

2. Pablo Munoz

Big was everyone’s surprise when Pablo Munoz was appointed as the CEO of OneLife Network in October of 2016. Up until then, no one knew about this person being related to OneCoin or its network in any capacity. Interestingly enough, he was appointed as CEO right after OneCoin launched its “new blockchain” which never existed in the first place. OneCoin is not a cryptocurrency nor is there a blockchain.

This news also meant Dr Ruja Ignatova would step down as CEO of OneLife Network, which was a rather shocking turn of events. Then again, considering the growing number of police investigations regarding the OneCoin Ponzi scheme, it is evident she tried to flee the sinking ship before it was too late. Pablo Munoz has a track record in network marketing, and one of his previous employers is Avon. Being CEO of the OneLife Network will tarnish his reputation beyond repair, though.

1. Dr Ruja Ignatova

Everyone in the world has heard this name before, as she is the infamous “mastermind” of the OneCoin scam. Throughout the past few years, Dr Ruja has been the public face of OneCoin. For some reason, she instills trust upon people and turns them into sheep who willingly part with their life savings. However, considering how OneCoin has been a clear scam from day one, it appears she took a big paycheck and decided to rethink her life. It is unclear what her function within OneCoin is these days. However, it is doubtful she will evade criminal charges once law enforcement agents decide the time has come.

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