Top 4 Most Disturbing Robots Ever

The world of robotics has seen some intriguing developments. In fact, there is an expo in London right now, which features some of the more pertinent robotics developments over the past 500 years, which is well worth checking out. It won’t come as a surprise to discover there have been quite a few creepy robots as well, most of which have left an everlasting impression on our society. Below are some of the more disturbing robotics developments the world has seen over the past 500 years.

#4 Scarlett Johansson Robot

It is one thing to think about robots, yet another thing to see one that resembles someone you know. Considering how most people know Scarlett Johansson as an actress, it is rather disturbing to think she has a robotic twin. Ricky Ma created this robot a few years ago, and the results are quite impressive. That does not take away the fact this robot is creepy as hell, though.

#3 Talking Mouth Robot

A robot with a face is creepy enough, although one without a face is perhaps even more disturbing. In the case of the Talking Mouth Robot, it is not difficult to see why some people labeled this build as a “thing you would only see in nightmares”. All the robot does is emulate a mouth that speaks. Staring at the image long enough will make you think differently about how you form words, though.

To put this robot into perspective, it is quite a feat to emulate a disembodied mouth that comes with a severed throat and a huge nose. In fact, the nose ensures the robot is capable of nasal pronunciation. While it leaves a very disturbing image on people’s retinas, it is one of the most significant developments in the robotics sector to date.

#2 The Robotic Cockroach

Most people assume there would be no robotic insects, yet they would be incredibly wrong in that assumption. In 2016, engineers from the University of California created a robotic cockroach, which allowed them to investigate how these insects can crawl into tiny spaces. Having the ability to squish one’s body to 10% of its normal size is quite intriguing. Cram, as this project is called, provided the researchers with valuable insights during their investigation. That being said, it still looks rather creepy.

#1 Sophia

If there is one robot seemingly designed to creep people out, look no further than Sophia. Originally created to prove lifelike robots are not impossible to create, Sophia has taken creepiness to a whole new level. Not only can it mimic and develop emotional reactions, but it is also capable of maintaining eye contact throughout a conversation.

As one would expect, Sophie is just the first iteration of what will ultimately be a robot indistinguishable from real humans. Moreover, Sophia – or however the next generation is called – is capable of forming lasting relationships. It is evident these robots are designed to replace humans in the most disturbing way possible.

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