Top 4 Examples of how Technology can Save Lives

Technology has helped our society evolve for the better over the past few years. At the same time, advancement made in AI and robotics threatens a lot of jobs, giving technology a slightly bad reputation. One thing a lot of people tend to forget is how technology is being used in new ways to save lives. So far, a lot of these efforts are still in the early stages, but a lot of projects look very promising.

#4 Automatic Braking

Anyone who has ever driven a car will have wished they had some better braking reflexes. The human mind is only capable of processing information so quickly. New advancements made in the technology sector introduced automatic braking solutions, which are designed to make life safer for everyone on the road, as well as pedestrians.

This type of technology will save lives simply because drivers are often distracted while on the road. Fiddling with phones, either for texting or calling, has become a very grave issue that needs to be addressed. Until then, automatic braking will help save lives all over the world, as long as the combination of sensors and camera works as expected. Various car manufacturers are determined to make automatic breaking the new standard in the car industry over the next few years.

#3 3D Printed Organs

As we briefly touched upon in our previous shocking 3D printed objects article, finding willing organ donors remains a key problem. 3D printed organs are still in the very early stages, although companies are working on printing organic matter. Do not expect a 3D printed heart to become available by next week, but given a few more years, things will continue to advance in the right direction.

#2 Facial Recognition Software

From a privacy advocate perspective, more facial recognition tools are the last thing our society needs right now. On the other hand, consumers want to feel safe and secure at all times, which means governments must resort to some technological solution sooner or later. Facial recognition software seems to be their primary choice, as they aim to identify criminals using video surveillance.

On the other hand, there are other good use cases for this software. Monitoring fatigue levels of heavy equipment operators, for example, will improve overall workplace security and reduce the number of accidents. Lives will be saved over time as these alternative use cases for facial recognition are given a fair chance to come to maturity.

#1 Vaccine Delivery Drones

The concept of drones has somehow gotten off on the wrong foot, as various countries imposed strict regulation already. Thankfully, the sector is maturing quickly, and new use cases are being explored. Vaccine delivery drones are a prime example of how using technology will save lives, especially when it comes to delivering medicine to remote areas. Expect a lot more advancements to be made in this industry over the next few years.

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