5 Shocking 3D Printed Objects

In the world of 3D printing, creativity and innovation are two important traits. As it turns out, there have been a lot of 3D printed objects that some people would think are nearly impossible to achieve. Although some of these projects raise a lot of questions regarding their viability, it is good to see some people go out on a limb and try to use this technology for something else than plastic figurines.

#5 Food

Do not panic just yet, as 3D printers are more than capable of printing food. The edible kind, that is, not the plastic one to put in a bowl on your dining table. Although nutrition-oriented 3D printers are not available to the general public yet, they have been around for quite some time. The food printed is made of healthy ingredients, including algae and seeds. Depending on how this situation evolves, a 3D printed hamburger may not be entirely out of the question in a few years from now.

#4 Organs

As unusual as it may sound, there is such a thing as 3D printed organs. Do not think of this as prosthetics, even though those can certainly be 3D printed as well. The organs in questions can range from kidneys, ears, livers, and even hearts. This is an excellent solution to address the shortage of donor organs. Although it can never replace a real organ, a 3D printed alternative may be the next best option.

#3 Buildings

Contrary to popular belief, there are buildings coming out of a 3D printer. Apartment buildings and even houses have been 3D printed before. Chinese company WinSun claims to have printed as many as 10 houses in under 24 hours. Not only does this process save a ton of materials and time, it is also a lot cheaper. Moreover, there is less waste to deal with, and labor costs are reduced to a bare minimum.

#2 A Car

Do not adjust your screen, as you’re reading this section right. Local Motors 3D printed an entire car. In fact, the company aims to specialize in 3D printing customized vehicles moving forward. This concept got a lot of mainstream traction, as the Strati was the world’s first 3D printed car. Although the vehicle is anything but road-ready, it is only a matter of time until this situation evolves into a mainstream use case.

Doing so will be a difficult challenge, though Local Motors has plans to open up to 50 micro-factories all over the world to bring 3D printed cars to consumers in the coming years. It is unclear how much such a vehicle would cost, though. When the Strati was printed in 2014, it only took them 44 hours to do so, which was quite an impressive feat at that time.

#1 A Life-sized Castle

When thinking of 3D printing, people often visualize very small objects. Although modern printers are capable of printing bigger objects, there are certain limitations to take into account. That is not always the case, though, as Andrey Rudenko printed a life-size castle. Although he had to build the printer himself, it is quite an innovative project to take note of. Sadly, the castle does not come with gargoyles or fountain.

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