Top 4 Cryptocurrency ICOs Performing Well Post-Crowdsale

Setting up a cryptocurrency ICO is often the easiest part of any new project. However, making sure the project delivers on its initial promise is something else entirely. A lot of project developers and teams are currently in the process of bringing more value to their initial proposals. So far, a few ICO tokens have gained in value after their initial sales. Below are some examples of currencies doing quite well for themselves.

4. Augur

When it comes to decentralized prediction markets, no one should overlook the Augur project by any means. Even though this ICO was organized during a much simpler time when raising dozens of millions was a rarity rather than the norm, things have turned out quite well for this company. The project initially raised around US$5 million back in 2015, which was considered to be a major success. With two years under its belt, Augur has become a household name in recent months. Right now, its market cap hovers around US$190 million, indicating there has been solid growth over the years.

3. Basic Attention Token

To many people, the purpose of this token remains unclear. It is the native currency of the Brave browser, which allows users to surf the internet faster and without having to watch those horrible ads in the process. The Basic Attention Token may revolutionize the way we think about surfing the World Wide Web in the future, assuming the team can effectively deliver on its promise.

Not only did this project successfully raise US$36 million in about 30 seconds, but the value of this ICO has also gone up tremendously ever since. At the time of writing, Basic Attention Token has a market cap of US$22 million, indicating a 600% growth over the course of a few months. This is a rather solid return on investment for those who are cashing out right now. It is certainly possible this currency will become even more valuable in the future.

2. Qtum

The Qtum project is one of those concepts which is often overlooked by traders. It is not because Qtum has no potential whatsoever, but it just isn’t hyped as much as some other projects that launched around the same time. Qtum raised US$15.6 million back in March of this year, which took just 4.8 days to achieve. Today, the Qtum market cap sits at US$464 million, which constitutes a spectacular 2,900% increase. It is unclear if there is more room for growth, although that does not appear unlikely whatsoever.

1. OmiseGO

OmiseGO has captured the attention of many traders and investors. There are so many posts on social media about this project, and it has quickly become apparent why that is. For those who have no idea what OmiseGO is, make sure to check out our more detailed description. One thing that sets this ICO apart is how its funding was secured even before the token sale began. That is not entirely surprising, considering how it is operated by a well-established company.

The OmiseGO pre-ICO saw US$60 million pledged despite having a US$19 million cap. This meant there was no further room to accept money from other investors, effectively selling out the project before the official ICO took place. While raising US$60 million so quickly was considered to be a high valuation, the project’s market cap is inching closer toward the US$1 billion mark right now. This growth is incredibly remarkable, although it remains to be seen if this trend can be maintained once the initial hype dies down.