Qtum Co-founder Jordan Earls: “We Hope to Unify Different Cryptocurrency Communities”

Considering the Qtum crowdsale has been a major success so far, we took the time to sit down with some of their team members. There are some questions regarding this project and its future, all of which have been answered by Jordan Earls, one of Qtum’s founders. The future of this project looks quite bright, and the interview below sheds a bit more light on what we can expect from Qtum moving forward.

TM: Bridging the gap between the best of Ethereum and Bitcoin is a bold goal. Some people may wonder if doing so really requires creating a brand new platform with a native token. How would you explain this thought process to less tech-savvy cryptocurrency enthusiasts?

JE: There are some other ways to combine Ethereum and Bitcoin, however, they have some significant drawbacks, one of the key ones being the lack of a functioning light wallet protocol (SPV) for these modes

TM: Are there specific types of dApps you hope to see realized by using Qtum? If so, who those types of dApps specifically?

JE: Our focus is “Go Mobile” and so one of our big hopes is to have completely decentralized apps that can be run (with a small front end) on mobile devices. Though we are compatible with Ethereum contracts, so we of course support many more use cases than just mobile

TM: What are the team’s expectations for Qtum in terms of academic research?

JE: We have a PhD, Alex Norta, who is managing our academic research, and intend to open multiple academic research offices for Qtum globally

TM: The bitcointalk announcement makes a mention of cooperating with other open source development projects. Have any connections been made in this regard?

JE: No firm connections we can talk about yet, but our hope is to unify the different cryptocurrency communities, by the foundation trading a portion of their Qtum for a portion of the other cryptocurrency’s coins. These tokens that are traded would be accessible by each community. So all Qtum holders would be entitled to a share of these traded tokens, and all of the other cryptocurrency’s holders would be entitled to a share of Qtum

We would like to thank Jordan Earls for taking the time to answer our questions regarding the Qtum project.

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