Top 4 Bitcoin Startup Incubators

The Bitcoin ecosystem has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years. Numerous startups have launched their projects, although most of them are in need of guidance. Thankfully, there are quite a few incubators all over the world who specialize in guiding Bitcoin startups to achieve their maximum potential. Below are four of the largest Bitcoin incubators the cryptocurrency world has seen in recent years.

#4 CoinApex

coinapex logo

Perhaps one of the largest incubators flying under the radar is CoinApex, a company founded in 2013. As one would come to expect from an incubator, CoinApex has made a fair few strategic investments in various cryptocurrency startups. Their portfolio does not contain any large companies, but that can also be a positive thing. So far, CoinApex invested in a payment processor, a trading platform, a new site, a company focusing on bitcoin compliance, and a recurring event.

#3 SeedCoin

seedcoin logo

SeedCoin is a Bitcoin incubator founded back in 2013. Although the company focuses on making small investments in prominent bitcoin companies, they have not done so in quite a while. In January of 2014, SeedCoin invested US$150,000 in meXBT. One month later, they pledged another US$65,000 to Cryptopay. No further investments were made since that time according to their Crunchbase page. No one knows for sure if SeedCoin is still around today, though.

#2 Bitcoin Center NYC

bitcoin center nyc logo

Most people know the Bitcoin Center NYC for their weekly cryptocurrency-related activities. Peer-to-peer trading, as well as discussions about Bitcoin and social gatherings take place at this location. The New York Bitcoin Center is best known for their educational efforts, and they have welcomed quite a few high-profile speakers for their events over the past few years. However, the Bitcoin Center has changed their business model in 2015 and launched their own incubator at the same time.

To be more precise, Bitcoin Center NYC runs an incubator and a seed accelerator right now. They also invested in some cryptocurrency companies already, although most of them were working on blockchain technology at that time. Among the companies they invested in are LiveryCab, Digital Asset Vending Enterprises, and Blockchain Apparatus.

#1 Satoshi Studios

satoshi studios logo

It was only a matter of time until Asia welcome its very first Bitcoin incubator. Satoshi Studios launched earlier this year and will offer a three-month training program for Bitcoin entrepreneurs and startups. The first edition of this incubator program will begin in April of 2017, albeit no participants have been announced at this time.

The name Satoshi Studios is aptly chosen, as it is an homage to Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, the company will provide workspace and living space for all participating startups. Every participant will receive US$50,000 in funding, for which the incubator hopes to receive 8-15% equity. Albeit there is a large focus on blockchain startups, Satoshi Studios welcomes any company focusing on Bitcoin as well.

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