Top 3 Most Anticipated Metaverse Coins on the Market

Metaverse is the name of the game when it comes to high ROI cryptocurrency projects. While there are plenty of Metaverse coins with fully functional apps, in this article we are going to take a look at 3 of the most anticipated Metaverse coins on the market.

The list below is ordered by market cap, lowest to highest.

#3 Star Atlas (ATLAS) – $341 million

Star Atlas is a grand strategy game of space exploration and conquest. It features a futuristic Metaverse that allows players to gear up their characters, build up their ships, and embark on a journey through the stars.

At the time of writing, Star Atlas has a fully functional marketplace, inventory, leaderboards and faction selection.

Some of the upcoming updates to the game include: Player Organizations, Usernames, Ship Configuration, Ship Missions, and much more.

With a market cap of $341 million and already some features of the product fully released, ATLAS makes for a great long term pick for 2022.

#2 Bloktopia (BLOK) – $827 million

Blocktopia aims to provide a next generation VR and AR experience bringing users together in a futuristic Metaverse. It’s built and backed by Polygon and fully operates on the blockchain.

Bloktopia aims to position itself as a central hub, where users can earn via multiple income streams, and come together for a variety of unmatched experiences.

Development of the Bloktopia Metaverse is underway, and is scheduled to release in March 2022. With a market cap of over $827 million, Bloktopia is one of the most anticipated Metaverse coins right now.

#1 The Sandbox

The Sandbox features a rich Metaverse allowing players to buy plots of land and build them to their liking. Players can build up their lands and even monetize them to create multiple streams of income.

The Sandbox aims to provide a more gamified experience to their users compared to Decentraland. Some people on reddit describe it as being the Fortnite metaverse equivalent, due to its graphics and overall design.

The Sandbox is by far the most anticipated Metaverse project on the market, setting itself to be the main competitor to Decentraland. Already with a valuation of $4.5 billion, ahead of its Alpha release on November 29th, SAND easily earns the number one spot on this list.


With the Metaverse trend being relatively new, there are a wide variety of projects in different stages of development. While no Metaverse project is complete, the Metaverse coins listed above all have tremendous amount of hype surrounding the upcoming releases of their products.

For those looking to get in early, the above projects still have tons of potential to see massive price gains once their apps are fully launched.

December is known to be one of crypto’s hottest months, and 2022 looks to be a good year for Metaverse. Overall, diversifying your portfolio in a variety of high quality Metaverse projects would be the best way to capitalize on the hype.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your own research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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