Top 3 ICOs Happening Right Now

Thus far, 2017 has been a year of many cryptocurrency ICOs. These are the opportunities for members of the public to buy into new markets. Here are the three most exciting ICOs going on right now, in my opinion.

CryptoPing: The insight into data

This is not the first time that we have mentioned CryptoPing, and for good reason. Cryptoping is telegram bot that aims to make trading between alts easier and more profitable. The way that they do this is by analysing various aspects of the market in an attempt to predict pumps and dumps in the cryptosphere.

Currently -but for not too much longer- the beta version of this bot is free to use. Soon though, their business model will shift over to a subscription based model. Access to the wealth of their bot’s data will only be available to those who are pay into it. Subscription payments will need to be in their token.

These tokens are currently on sale. Their ICO is only going on for another 28 days or so, meaning anyone who would want to use this service in the future would want to buy into the ICO now. The PING token will have 10,000,000 as its supply, and the ICO will cap at 1,000 BTC. Currently they stand at about 77 Bitcoin. There is a lot of room to buy in, but it is going fast.

Monaco: Bridge to everyday consumption

Monaco is a product that attempts to bring cryptocurrency spending into the world of the traditional consumers. Essentially, they will offer product very similar to the Bitcoin debit cards we have seen before. What will set Monaco apart is the support for multiple currencies.

The card can be funded with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and can trade between these and USD via the app. It also offers 10% back in the apps native currency from purchases, MCO. Monaco plans to have MCO tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is currently having a sale of these tokens. The ICO closes on June 18th, and the current exchange for these tokens is 140 MCO to 1 ETH. They have already reached their minimum goal, but have a little to go before their softcap. They are close to their next reach goal though (then the exchange rate between MCO and ETH gets worse).  

LNK Silver: The link to backed crypto

Ethereum Link is another project with a hot ICO right now. Ethereum Link is selling their LNK tokens. The difference between this and many of the other ICOs you see going on now, is their vision of backing up cryptocurrency with a tangible commodity.

The hope here is to bring the speed and security of the Ethereum Blockchain to the world of silver certificate trading. This could very well change the way that traders interact with both crypto and traditional markets. Their sale has already netted ~431 BTC. The ICO is going for another fourteen days, and its statistics are promising.

These three ICOs are exciting for the cryptocommunity, and hopefully will inspire even more innovators to grow the cryptosphere.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice, but is for educational consumption.