Top 3 End-to-end Encrypted Messaging Apps Everyone Should Use

It is evident there will be a growing need for communication applications that provide users with privacy and encryption. Quite a few such platforms exist, as many companies focus on end-to-end encryption these days. Below is a brief overview of some of the more prominent encrypted communications apps people [can] use today.

3. Silent Phone

While most people focus on communicating through WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook messenger – all of which offer encrypted communication – there are plenty of alternative solutions out there as well. Silent Phone is one of those applications that will provide users with additional privacy whenever they need it. It is also worth mentioning the company behind this mobile app are the same ones who created the Blackphone a while ago.

Silent Phone is quite an interesting application, even though it comes with a monthly subscription fee of US$9.95 on both Android on iOS. Users of the app enjoy encrypted video, voice calls, and messaging. Additionally, messages will self-destruct, and encrypted file transfers are provided as well. Users are the only ones who hold the encryption key as well since no keys are generated on the server side.

2. Wickr Me

One of the unsung heroes in the world of encrypted communication apps goes by the name of Wickr Me. This application is free of charge to use and provides users with additional privacy at any given time. Users do not exchange phone numbers to communicate, but create a username which they can share with everyone else. Wickr Me provides end-to-end encrypted messaging services, which extend to photo and video transfers as well.

Similarly to Silent Phone, messages will auto-self-destruct within 24 hours. All metadata broadcasted through the communications protocol is removed as well. This makes Wickr Me one of the few services to now disclose geotags and message times. The Secure Shredder function can be used to securely delete any communication or additional data sent through the application.

1. Signal

Most people around the world will have heard about Signal by now, which is developed by open Whisper Systems. Anyone who is concerned about their privacy should take a closer look at this application, as it has gotten quite a lot of attention. Signal encrypts messages and voice calls alike, without charging an additional fee for doing so.

Users of the Signal app can send messages to individuals or groups and share media without friction. Unlike what people might expect, Signal does not rely on PIN codes or special logins. It is also possible to have messages self-destruct after a specific amount of time, if the user prefers so. Signal is also available as a Google Chrome browser plugin, which is a nice touch.

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