Top 3 Bitcoin Voucher Service Providers

Novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts often have a hard time venturing into the world of bitcoin. Buying cryptocurrency remains one of the biggest hurdles, as there is seemingly no convenient solution to do so. This is where bitcoin vouchers come into the picture, as they serve as a gateway to the world of cryptocurrency. Moreover, a bitcoin voucher makes for a perfect gift as well.

3. SatoBit

One of the unsung heroes of the bitcoin voucher ecosystem goes by the name of SatoBit. This UK-based company offers physical bitcoin vouchers to their users, which can be purchased from various brick-and-mortar locations as well as the website itself. Moreover, this platform also bypasses the risk of one’s UK bank blocking a bitcoin-related transaction.

It is also worth noting the SatoBit gift card can be purchased at various monthly bitcoin Meetups throughout the United Kingdom. More specifically, the Meetups in Manchester, Cardiff, and Birmingham provide access to SatoBit gift cards, according to the website. An interesting concept, that much is certain.

2. Bit4Coin

Europe is home to quite a few bitcoin voucher services, by the look of things. Bit4Coin has been offering a bitcoin voucher service for several years now. Anyone in Europe can order a physical bitcoin voucher from the company and pay for it with a SEPA transfer. Unfortunately, this service is limited to Europe for now. It would be nice to see a similar service for the rest of the world in the future, though.

Moreover, all of the platform’s bitcoin vouchers are shipped in physical form, which makes them ideal gifts. Do keep in mind there will be a 3 EUR surcharge on every transaction, and the bitcoin value does not include VAT. The company also charges 8% in conversion fees. Convenient solutions often come at a somewhat steep price.

1. BitIt

The most popular bitcoin voucher platform in the world goes by the name of BitIt. This particular company sells physical bitcoin gift cards all of which have a preloaded value. Moreover, BitIt invites every merchant in the world to sell physical bitcoin gift cards in their store as a way to increase overall store revenue.

Bringing bitcoin vouchers to physical stores is a great way to make cryptocurrency more appealing to mainstream consumers. Whether or not this venture will be successful remains to be seen. However, it is good to see multiple companies focus on physical bitcoin vouchers, as they will introduce more people to the overall concept of cryptocurrency.

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