Toncoin (TON) price prediction 2025: Chainlink (LINK), Uniswap (UNI), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) are set to surge in 2024

Toncoin fund leads seed funding to drive DeFi growth, Chainlink provides the industry-standard needed for the Infrastructure to automate and Uniswap enters zkSync era with the first zkEVM on the mainnet.

Orbeon Protocol offers investors a new way to get stakes in early stage businesses through revolutionary use of blockchain technology, with the token forecasted for 60x returns now the presale has concluded. Read below why these coins are set to soar.


Orbit Bridge Successfully Connects TON to EVM

Orbit Bridge has successfully connected Toncoin (TON) to the EVM/NEVM-based multichain. Orbit Bridge is a cross-chain platform developed by OZYS and has increased the utility of Toncoin by developing the WTON Gateway. WTON serves as a wrapping protocol for Toncoin (TON), enabling it to interact with the mainnet.

The Toncoin Fund is the main incubator of the TON Network, with over $22 million in TVL. The ecosystem offers a novel platform with multichain support to unite blockchains and Web2 into a single open network.

The Toncoin (TON) ecosystem is heavily committed to supporting the mass adoption of Web3. This will incentivize various revenue generation opportunities and has real potential to be a game-changer for Web3 finance. predicts that Toncoin will have an average price of $9.64 by 2025. The maximum price prediction for Toncoin in 2025 is $10.07 if the current growth trend continues, while the minimum price level is estimated to be around $8.12 if the market turns bearish. predicts that Toncoin could reach as high as $8.61 by 2025, with an average price of around $7.93.


Chainlink Has What the Industry Needs

The right infrastructure is essential for the use of high-end applications and mass adoption.

Chainlink offers solutions across the key areas that challenge the industry. Data, computation, and interoperability are the key factors to play out mass adoption with a strong infrastructure that is able to support billions of end-users worldwide.

Chainlink is at the forefront, offering industry-standard infrastructure for Web3 developers to give them exactly what they need to innovate. Chainlink offers developers seamless access to external data, off-chain computations, and cross-chain interoperability. This allows developers to connect their dApps and smart contracts to any Web2 API, and enables integrations to popular platforms like AWS, Meta, and more, all through Chainlink.

Chainlink Price Feeds have become the industry standard, and the launch of the Chainlink Price Feeds across 16 blockchains has boosted the DeFi ecosystem, seeing more than $7 trillion in transaction value over the past year. If Chainlink continues to surge in the coming months, it is highly likely that it will become a mainstay token well into the future.


Uniswap Enters zkSync Era

Uniswap, next to others, is set to launch a zero-knowledge proof roll-up zkSync to enter a new era of functionality. This is the first Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible zk-rollup to launch on the mainnet, allowing most Ethereum dApps to simply port over with very few changes.

Uniswap benefits from zkSync as it can provide scaling greater than Ethereum’s current 10 to 12 tps by computing transactions away from the Ethereum blockchain. Zk-rollups enable instant withdrawals, but there is a 24-hour waiting period, as a security precaution. Full decentralization will not be seen on launch to enable Uniswap devs to to identify potential issues and bugs.

According to technical analysis of Uniswap, there is a bearish trend currently. The resistance level for UNI is identified at $6.10, while the support level is found at $5.79. UNI is trading at $5.43 at time of writing.


Orbeon Protocol concludes presale with Uniswap listing

Orbeon Protocol’s presale has been a remarkable success due to its revolutionary market approach, which makes it stand out. Investors appreciate the new possibilities offered by the ecosystem, allowing them to get in on funding early stage businesses.

Orbeon Protocol uses NFTaaS to mint equity-backed non-fungible tokens, making the funding process cheap and accessible for both businesses and investors.

This approach enables startups to raise capital much faster, whilst investors can back early-stage ventures with minimal capital.

The ORBN token powers the Orbeon Protocol ecosystem, providing transparency, security, and accessibility, as well as the ability to earn passive income through staking, yield farming, and providing liquidity. Orbeon Protocol aims to help businesses and investors use the transparency of the blockchain to create generational wealth opportunities for ordinary investors.

ORBN has grown to over 6000 holders and has raised over $7 million to date, with remarkable 60x gains expected now the token is listed on exchanges.

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