Tokens to Introduce Dynamic Trading Rights to Their New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

During the last couple of years the digital currency market has rapidly evolved, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies constantly reaching new all-time highs. This has led to a boom in the trading world, with numerous people actively trading digital assets via numerous exchanges.

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Tokens plans to introduce a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform, based on Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR). Its purpose is to further revolutionize the digital currency trading market by offering a platform that is trustworthy, reliable, transparent and safe. Here, users will be able to exchange ERC20 tokens alongside with numerous other cryptocurrencies that will evolve in the years to come.

As the number of digital currencies available on the market has grown by 63%, and the average daily volume of trading has increased by 3,259%, it is clear that the space is quickly evolving. By taking various factors into consideration, it is considered that via this trading platform, the first year earnings will be of roughly $18 million.

This is mostly so thanks to the Dynamic Trading Rights Token, also known as the DTR. These tokens will grant backers the possibility to make cheaper trades on the platform using any currency pair that will be listed on The amount of trading transaction that a person will be able to perform using a single DTR token will be dynamic, and directly based on the market value of the DTR token. However, DTR-based transactions will be charged at the best ask price, rather than taking the market depth into consideration as well.

While users do not need to own DTR in advance to making their trades, as transaction fees are also payable in the currency clients are trading in, participating in the ICO can provide added benefits. It is important to point out that DTR which is used for trading will be burned on the Ethereum network, via a smart contract designed to constantly destroy tokens.

DTR Voice will be another feature of the trading platform. Tokens will often ask community members for their opinion on future endorsements and company decisions. DTR will therefore be used for voting ballots as well.  The more tokens a client votes with, the higher the voting power he has.

40% of the DTR tokens will be distributed to the ICO backers, whereas 30% will be reserved for future team members. The remaining 30% will remain with the company, for future projects and in case the money raised during the ICO runs out.

Those who are interested in learning more about Tokens can take a look at the website, and white paper.