TittieCoin, Crypto And Entertainment Rolled Into One Hot Bundle

For many Bitcoin may be the coin that started the whole crypto boom, but for many old adopters and newbies the coin is out of the question. Whilst it may have the largest real life adoption stats of any coin but has it got what one would call class and style ? If you had asked that question to say a developer be prepared for a hail storm but to any miner or trader Bitcoin will always be just a cryptocurrency. TittieCoin was launched to dissolve all notions that crypto is only for techies.


Tittiecoin appeals to the masses particularly the mature ones of you. Being classy and freshly minted the coin has been the one for the adult industry. With even the wallet boasting exotic imagery the coin has been holding nothing back, revealing all it has to offer to the consumer. With even the wallet leaving a lot to be desired the coin aims to appeal to the classy and refined miners among you. Under the hood the coin may seems as if its just another scrypt coin but what makes the coin unique and amazing to work with has to be its community. The ever increasing popularity of the coin and its great community have brought about change rallying the coin even in the more popular exchanges such as Cryptsy.


Aside from the community the developers have also got to be commended on their hard work, dedication and management regarding the coin. The coin may not have live the traditional altcoin lifespan with many being write offs. The developers have been committed to the coin even implementing some cheesy features in the roadmap. The coin has always been aimed at the adult industry and with the TittieTube planned as a in house entertainment channel dedicated to accepting the coin as a payment method. As far as entertainment goes the coin also explains how it does not go about degrading women, but simply takes notice of their beauty propping them on the pedestal they deserve.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

In terms of the market the coin has shown it is a formidable force. With the coin being accepted on the cryptsy due to popular demand the sky is the limit for the coin. Becoming accepted by the massive exchange led to the market cap of the coin increasing to 155 Bitcoins and pushed the daily trade volume close to a bitcoin. The positive affects were also felt on the value of the TittieCoin as the coin saw its value rise to an average of 16 satoshis a piece slowly from a price of just 8 satoshi which was seen just a few days ago.

TittieCoin Speculation

The future has a lot to hold for the coin. With adoption spiking as adult industries welcome the chance to dip their toes in the world of Crypto. With the coin being accepted into the Cryptsy exchange due to popular demand it seems as if the community may have a lot to do with the development of the coin and as in the past 6 weeks development has been ongoing at a rapid rate. The prices are set to rise further with highs of 18-20 satoshi anticipated. The coin has seen huge volatility over the past over the past few days but this should settle down slowly with Cryptsy being there to coordinate trades.

Leave your comments and thoughts about the article and coin in the comments section below. Remember stay classy TittieCoin…


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