3 Ways To Spend Bitcoin On Everyday Goods

Bitcoin allows consumers all over the world to buy just about anything in the world, even though most items only get bought once a year or even less. But there are some goods a lot of us need on a regular basis, and they can be bought with Bitcoin, once you know how to do it.

Buying Groceries With Bitcoin

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Although it is not possible to buy groceries with Bitcoin directly in most cases, there are lots of different ways to get around this platform. The first and foremost solution would be to try and convert Bitcoin to fiat currency and just pay for goods that way. Although this certainly a valid idea, there are other ways to go about things which do not require converting to fiat currency first.

Most major grocery stores offer their gift cards, and if one is lucky, they can be purchased online with Bitcoin. This method will probably not work for smaller stores, though, but they are also the easiest ones to convince about accept Bitcoin payments directly, in most cases. Another option would be to get a Bitcoin debit card, preferably one linked to a Bitcoin wallet, rather than one which converts funds to fiat on the fly. Make sure to check out our Bitcoin Debit Card section for more details.

Cigarettes And Smokes For Bitcoin

Leaving the debate as to whether or not smoking is immoral aside for the time being, there are a lot of easy ways to purchase cigarettes and smokes with Bitcoin these days. DutyFree.io is one of the most prominent platform sin this space, with competitive pricing and a large stock available. Moreover, if they do not offer your favorite brand, feel free to reach out to them, and they might be able to add them for you.

Cigsspot is another solution to buy cheap cigarettes for Bitcoin. We recently did a review on this service, and they scored top marks all across the board. Competitive pricing, tracking numbers, and spending Bitcoin makes for an excellent service. There are other alternatives available as well, just do a search for “Bitcoin cigarettes” and you will get a much larger list than initially assumed.

Bitcoin Food Delivery To Your Door

Last but not least, there is the option to have food delivered to your home in exchange for Bitcoin. Takeaway.com is one of the most obvious solutions for most of the European countries, as well as some other countries around the world. Foodler is a more than viable alternative to US citizens as well.

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