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I have been a very loyal customer for quite some time now, but a new service has come around which lets users buy smokes online with Bitcoin. Cigsspot, as this store is called, is also based in Moldova, and they offer very competitive prices so far.

The Cigsspot Bitcoin Shopping Experience

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When opening up the Cigsspot website for the very first time, it becomes pretty clear this business is all about one thing: selling cigarettes in exchange for Bitcoin. In fact, the company only accepts Bitcoin payments, adding a significant use case for cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world.

The average smoker will have an easy time finding their preferred brand, as Cigsspot has a very vast collection of smokes available to users. Although they may not carry every single brand and flavor, the most common names are represented. Camel, Marlboro, Davidoff, and Chesterfield are just some of the available options.

Competing with is not an easy task for any website selling smokes in exchanges for Bitcoin these days. But Ciggspot has found an interesting gap, as their pricing is very competitive, to say the least. In fact, they are a fair bit cheaper than the competition right now, and they still make a profit from every sale as well. Moldova appears to be an absorbing country to obtain cheap cigarettes.

All of the payments for this platform are handled by CoinUrl, which marks orders as completed as soon as the unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction is visible on the blockchain. This does not mean the order is complete, though, but users will be notified via email when this is the case. For me, it never took more than two hours to get the order completion confirmation.

In the end, services such as Cigsspot will only survive if they offer genuine brands, which they do. Moreover, their shipping times are incredibly quick, as they use a tracking number for every individual shipment. My order arrived within a few business days [including a round trip to the postal office to pick up the packages because I wasn’t home]. Everything was packed neatly, and the cigarettes are the original brand for sure.

All in all, my first experience with Cigsspot has been a positive one. Sharp prices, paying in Bitcoin, and quick delivery of original brands make the whole user experience quite fun. Having the option to track shipments is a very nice bonus – at no added cost – to say the least. My second order has been placed, and should ship out very soon. Let’s hope the company can provide a similar experience to the first.

Website: Cigsspot

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