Three Ways to Become a Crypto Expert

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at a staggering pace, and huge amounts of new talent is flocking into the industry, fueling this growth even further. 

However, the industry is still plagued by the misconception that cryptocurrencies are only accessible to computer experts and financial professionals, leading many to assume that they’re simply not cut out to make it in the industry. 

Fortunately, although the cryptocurrency industry might seem rather complex from the outset, the truth is quite the opposite and there is now a huge range of platforms that can help you go from a crypto zero to a crypto hero in no time. Here are some of our favorites.

Trade Like the Pros with NewsCrypto

One of the primary reasons why people choose to become a cryptocurrency expert is to become better at cryptocurrency trading. 

As one of the most profitable trading instruments in recent history, many cryptocurrencies have gone on to achieve spectacular growth in recent years, while their inherent volatility makes them ideal for speculative trading. 

However, far too many people jump into cryptocurrency trading without an understanding of market dynamics, trading terms, and charting. Understandably, this leads to most traders losing money, since they neglected to learn the fundamentals before entering the markets. 

Fortunately, NewsCrypto has built a holistic solution that helps budding cryptocurrency traders brush up on their knowledge, with its free NewsCrypto School platform. Here, traders can find a range of topics discussing the basics of cryptocurrency trading, as well as tutorials using the technical indicators and market analysis tools offered on the platform.

Besides providing educational resources, NewsCrypto also offers a range of pre-defined charts for popular cryptocurrency trading pairs. These are charts that have been annotated with trendlines and key resistance/support zones, among other things, giving users a quick overview of popular markets. 

For those looking to take it a step further, NewsCrypto also offers two premium plans which can be purchased with NewsCrypto Coin (NWC) tokens. These unlock additional functionality, like arbitrage and sentiment indicator tools—which are frequently used by expert traders.

Brush up on the Basics with Ledger Academy

Whatever your plans are for the cryptocurrency industry, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you have a broad understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. After all, you will need a solid foundation if you intend to become a crypto expert.

Although it’s certainly possible to learn the basics by trawling the internet and reading from innumerable individual resources, this isn’t exactly efficient. Instead, it’s best to use just a few high-quality resources to ensure you are getting the right information, delivered in an understandable way. 

One of the best resources for this is Ledger Academy, the education arm of the popular Ledger hardware wallet solution.

Ledger Academy features a wide range of basic education resources, covering broad topics like blockchain, security, and cryptocurrency. This information is laid out as simple to understand articles and tutorials, making it accessible to readers of all experience levels. 

We recommend starting off with Ledger’s “A brief history on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies” article, since this provides a good introduction to the industry in general, and will help you get up to speed on the current state of things. 

Follow the Experts on TradingView and Twitter

As with any industry, the cryptocurrency industry is rife with trailblazers, experts, and thought-leaders that have helped shape the sector into what it is today. Many of these individuals have impressive sway in the industry and are often privy to information that many overlook or are unaware of.

Following these industry leaders is a good way to get to grips with the latest trends, gain crucial insights, and generate a broad understanding of the crypto market—all of which can be beneficial for traders and soon-to-be crypto experts. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of the industry to determine who the experts are. After all, several publications (e.g. Consensys, Decrypt, and Blocks Decoded) have already taken it upon themselves to produce lists of key figures, giving you a good starting point to work from. 

Twitter isn’t the only place to follow prominent individuals in the cryptocurrency industry. TradingView, a social network for traders and market analysts, has also grown to become one of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency traders and experts. 

Through the TradingView Ideas platform, prominent traders often share their market predictions and technical analyses—which can be used to both improve your trading knowledge and understanding of market structure. Much like Twitter, TradingView also has its own range of popular cryptocurrency figures, which can be found in the top authors section of the site.

You can also use the charting and technical analysis tools to perform your own studies, for some hands-on learning.