Three More Online Gambling Platforms Now Accept Bitcoin

More and more casinos all over the world are starting to see the benefits of accepting Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. Although we know Bovada added the digital currency, it turns out three other platforms are not Bitcoin-friendly as well. Exciting times are ahead for online gambling enthusiasts; that much is certain.

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Online Gambling and Bitcoin Is A Strong Connection

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To most people active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, it only makes sense for online gambling platforms to accept Bitcoin payments. Not only does the digital currency offer a global appeal, but the fees are also paid by the sender, rather than the recipient. Plus, it allows users to maintain some degree of privacy, which is impossible when using traditional payment methods.

Now that, Ignition Casino, and Bodog have all started accepting Bitcoin payments, the ties between digital currency and online gambling becomes even stronger. Although these companies do not expect a major turnaround regarding preferred payment methods for its users, it is always good to offer alternative solutions which do not cost anything to implement.

What is even more appealing is how all of these casinos are officially licensed, which means users do not have to worry about the platforms being shut down for using digital currency payments. However, not all of these websites might be available to players in every region as regulation is different from country to country.

The number of online gambling platforms dealing with Bitcoin keeps on increasing, which is a positive sign for digital currency enthusiasts. As most people are well aware of, Bitcoin has matured in recent years, and the lack of price volatility makes it more appealing for merchants to venture into the world of digital currency.

All in all, it does not seem unlikely more online gambling platforms will see the benefits of Bitcoin adoption. Not just for themselves, but also as a way to attract a larger international clientele. A lot of people enjoy gambling but want to use more privacy-centric solutions to do so. Bitcoin is a perfect fit for this kind of purpose.

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