Calyx Institute Bitcoin Donation Rewards Unlimited 4g LTE On Sprint

It is always good for Bitcoin enthusiasts to have more options for spending Bitcoin on the things they need. However, buying one year of unlimited 4G LTE in the US is something hardly anyone expected right now. Although this is a rather expensive purchase, the money will be used by the Calyx Institute to host additional Tor exit nodes and other privacy-related projects.

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Donating Bitcoin to the Calyx Institute

TheMerkle_4G LTE Calyx Institute Bitcoin

Although most people donate to a good cause for the benefit of others, there are some interesting projects in existence which offer something different. The Calyx Institute, for example, is focusing most of their efforts on building a more secure and privacy-centric world for all Internet users.

Although the Calyx Institute is a non-profit organization, they are actively bringing additional Tor exit nodes to the table on a regular basis. With all of the recent focus on encryption and spying on consumers, there is no better time than now to get involved in some privacy-centric projects.

Attracting more donations for this project should not be a big struggle, but offering a tangible incentive is always beneficial. Bitcoin enthusiasts contributing US$500 to this project through the BitPay payment link will receive unlimited 4G LTE data in the United States for one full year. That is, assuming they are on the Sprint network.

But that is not all, as the Calyx Institute also offers a Netgear Fuse Mobile Hotspot to members as well. All of the funds raised with these efforts will be used to make Calyx self-sustaining, and pay for most of the recurring bills. Moreover, this will help keep the Tor exit nodes going, and help the institute roll out future educational material.

It is good to see more initiatives focus on consumer security and privacy, as government officials are becoming more invasive than ever before. Granted, a US$500 donations is quite significant, but the rewards offered in return are invaluable. Shaping the future of the Internet is a cause everyone can relate to, and a stronger focus on privacy is needed.

Source: Calyx Institute

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