Brings its eSports Content to PS4 Users Worldwide

eSports are gaining traction all over the world., a blockchain-based eSports venture, will see its content appear on PS4 consoles worldwide. 

Earlier this week, confirmed its content will become part of video streaming app Littlstar.

A Big Partnership for Theta

This application is designed for the PlayStation 4 console.

Users from all over the world can download the app free of charge and enjoy both regular and premium content.

This app also provides exposure to content from Disney, Warner Bros, Showtime, and so forth.

Having them pay attention to is a major victory in its own regard, and a prominent sign for this industry as a whole.

It is believed over 100 million PS4 users will gain access to this new content, which will be featured throughout the app.

It is possible this collaboration will lead to more developments for PS4 users.

One option to be explored is letting users earn TFUEL tokens for gaming or watching movies.

As the demand for eSports content continues to rise, solutions such as this one can make a very big impact.

Despite this integration, there is no guarantee of anyone watching eSports content provided by Theta for the foreseeable future.

Most viewers will flock to solutions such as Twitch for all of their competitive gaming video content needs.