eSports loyalty platform integrated with Blockchain technology

We’ve all seen them, maybe you know them, or, perhaps you even are one of them!

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They are everywhere -on buses, planes, trains and in cafés- you name it, they’re there. And, fixated on their mobile screens, it’s no secret that they’re having lots & lots of fun, tapping away while chasing colorful little creatures in surreal landscapes.

But, before you think it’s just an idle pastime, consider this; competitive gaming –also known as eSports- is already included in the 2022 Asian Games program. And, talks are also underway for inclusion as a medal event at the Olympic Games in 2024.

And, RewardMob has just raised the bar substantially higher in the online gaming world. Please continue reading to see how the platform is bringing gaming, loyalty and blockchain together in one exciting, cutting-edge, tech solution.

The online gaming landscape

eSports has developed a massive global following, comprising of a hybrid of keen participants, enthusiasts and spectators. At least 30 major events –and counting- are listed as recurring annually around the world.

And, the fans are attending in droves. Forbes reports that a new record was set during the finale of the 2017 World Championship – i.e. the Intel® Extreme Masters- in Poland last year.

More than 173,000 enthusiasts –which is about 100,000 more than the Superbowl- packed the venue in Katowice, while 46 million watched online, the magazine reports.

What started as the humble “PC game” on standalone, home desktop computers during the 1980’s, has ramped up to become the almost $44 billion industry that it is today, with 2.7 billion active players around the globe.

The steep ramp-up started with the coming of the Internet two decades ago and was further fueled by the arrival of the popular game consoles. But, the catalyzer for mobile gaming was really Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and its tightly integrated App Store.

Today, gaming and eSports is so ensconced in our society that it’s not only possible to earn national colors and represent your country, but authorities such as Mind Sports South Africa even offer bursaries to attend university.

The issues

The skyrocketing gaming trend of recent years has culminated in approximately 800,000 mobile gaming apps on offer in the Apple App Store alone. To put this in perspective, games represent more than a third of the 2.2 million apps available on that site.

Even though the abundant growth of the gaming industry is considered to be a major plus point by stakeholders all-round, the sheer size of it represents fundamental challenges for both game developers and players.

With so many options, connecting fun and challenging games with players who may enjoy them is difficult and expensive. Game developers are required to spend significant sums on marketing and advertising to attract new players.

And, to keep players engaged while new games continue to arrive in an endless stream, is a tall order. Statistics show that up to 85% of players abandon a game within the first 30 days.

Also, the monetization of games -which is essentially the lifeblood of the game developers- is a fine, balancing act. Although players do participate in in-app commerce –such as purchasing game features & supporting the advertisers- they are also quick to reject intrusive and distracting monetization efforts.

The RewardMob solution

RewardMob is a new mobile gaming platform that allows gamers to play their favorite games to earn rewards.

The RewardMob platform addresses traditional industry issues in several ways.

It enhances discovery and improves gamer engagement by leveraging the “community feel”. When new games are added to the RewardMob community, the active users of these games are given the option to create an account with RewardMob so that they can earn rewards and compete in tournaments.

Gamers love the opportunity to earn while they play; this entices them to stay within the community, making it easier and less costly for game developers to find players, engage & keep them.

Platform statistics show that the rewards and tournament incentives are successful, as 94% of players open the rewards to see what’s in them. Also, when participating in the tournaments, gamers play a game 4 times more and 3 times longer than usual.

As far as monetization goes, the RewardMob platform creates a new revenue stream for game developers through free-to-play & pay-to-play tournaments.

In the free-to-play model, gamers are incentivized to open advertisements so that they can access their prizes and tournament winnings. The game developers share in the advertising revenues in these instances.

While, in the pay-to-play model, gamers use tokens which they have earned or purchased to enter skill-based tournaments. The tokens that are used for entry into the tournament form the prize pool for the tournament. Game developers receive a share of the token prize pool.

More information on the monetization models is available on the RewardMob website and in its whitepaper.

The RewardMob platform

RewardMob offers a tournament-based rewards platform -the “RMOB Platform”- which transforms new and existing mobile games into competitive, tournament-based contests, which they dubbed “casual” eSports.

A key objective of the platform is to bring game developers and players together in a more engaging way by turning any mobile game into a competitive eSport.

A catalogue of in-house games is currently available and RewardMob is working with multiple development studios and publishers on integrating the tournament-based RMOB rewards platform into their games.

And, as the first mobile eSports loyalty platform utilizing the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain, the RMOB platform is designed to address the key challenges faced by game developers and players.

The RMOB platform leverages the multiple benefits of blockchain technology extensively and effectively to create a better environment for players, game developers and advertising partners.

With the help of blockchain enablers –such as smart contracts- the platform increases the speed and time of payments to both, the players and game developers.

And, the highly automated processes further ensure that the costs typically associated with gaming transactions are also substantially lower.

RewardMob endeavors to become a leader in mobile eSports by focusing from all angles possible- individually, holistically & effectively- on the needs of its key stakeholders. To achieve that, their website has a page for Players, a separate page for Developers and a page for Advertisers.

While extensive information is available on the website, the framework largely focuses on 8 separate components.

For game developers, there is a Software Development Kit (SDK), Tournament Management functionality, Secure Authentication benefits, also a full Analytics Suite to monitor live tournaments in real time.

Players can use the RewardMob App to open their games in the app, manage their accounts and discover other RewardMob-powered games. Also, use their Wallet –which is fully integrated with the advertisers- to collect and spend tokens.

For players, the RMOB platform further offers exciting RewardMob Status benefits; and, there is also a Referral Program.

The Advertising platform is fully integrated into the RewardMob app, including players’ wallets. The advertising feature allows RewardMob to sell advertising inventory directly through the platform. Both, in-house ad placements and partnering with other ad networks, are used for monetization purposes.

RewardMob also fulfils the role of Full Node on the Waves blockchain, thereby contributing to the confirmation of transactions on the network.


The RMOB Token and Tournament Tickets

The RMOB token is designed to be the heart and soul of the platform and its functionality is specifically purposed on fixing the classic pains experienced by gamers and developers.

For instance, traditionally it can take up to 90 days for game developers to receive payments from ad networks. Also, in other games, any virtual “gems” or “coins” that are earned by players must be used in the same game.

But, by means of the RMOB token, game developers get paid instantaneously; and, gamers benefit greatly because RewardMob tokens can be used both in the app and within partner games.

Therefore, the RMOB token puts a unique focus on solving the main challenges of rewarding player loyalty, reducing transaction costs and speeding up payment times.

After careful consideration of the key tech platform solutions available on the market, RewardMob has elected to create the RMOB token by using the Waves Platform. The list of benefits that helped them make this decision can be viewed online.

An interesting fact is that RMOB tokens cannot be purchased directly from RewardMob, they can only be earned or won through the platform and apps!

Please continue reading on the website about the exciting, key benefits, features and functionality of the RMOB token and the unique Tournament Tickets concept.

The RewardMob ticket sale starts in less than a week and way over 30,000 have already registered for the pre-sale! By registering on the website before the sale starts, anyone can earn 10 free tokens instantly.

Management & Roadmap

RewardMob’s management is conducted by 12 highly skilled and experienced members with extensive industry backgrounds. Please Meet The Team online to learn more.

The exciting RewardMob journey started in 2015 and many successful milestones have been reached so far, with many more to come. The Roadmap reflecting notable events to date is available for viewing on the website.


Gamers and developers delight! At last, a solution that truly puts the fun back into gaming all-round.

The RewardMob platform is clearly extremely well conceptualized and the focus is on fixing actual industry pains, not just adding more gizmos or nice-to-haves.

At the same time, the RMOB platform raises mobile gaming to the highest level. It creates a perfect, high-tech and cutting-edge foundation from where the possibilities are unlimited.

By extensively leveraging the decentralized and 24/7 features of blockchain, the RewardMob team is doing an exceptional job of bringing together happy players, game developers and advertisers across the planet. Anywhere & anytime.