The White House Hopes Silicon Valley can Help Thwart the Novel Coronavirus

Technology companies have a big role to play to find a cure for the novel coronavirus. The White House is officially asking for help from Silicon Valley to address this major situation accordingly. 

The White House is genuinely – and rightfully – concerned about the novel coronavirus.

White House Shows a Proactive Approach

Finding a solution to deal with this situation will not be easy by any means.

Rather than going at it alone, different industries will need to join forces as soon as possible.

To ensure that is the case, Silicon Valley will need to offer a helping hand.

Amazon, Google, and others have been tapped by the White House already.

By joining forces, the goal is to augment the government’s efforts to track the pandemic.

Additionally, technology can be used to share accurate information and assist Americans unable to go to work or attend school. 

What will come of this request for collaboration, remains to be determined.

Now is a good time to leverage the power all of these technology firms hold today.

An all-hands-on-deck effort is direly needed before things get out of hand even further.

It is commendable to note that the Trump administration is calling on all companies.

No one is being left out or singled out by any means.