Novel Coronavirus Forces Apple to Close all Stores Outside of China

The novel coronavirus outbreak continues to make its mark on different sectors and industries. Apple, one of the world’s leading technology giants, is closing all stores outside of China due to COVID-19.

It is evident that this pandemic will create a lot of financial concerns globally.

Apple is Closing Most of its Stores

Even companies such as Apple can’t afford to keep stores open in affected regions.

In fact, the company prefers to close all shops outside of China for the coming two weeks.

This means that hundreds of stores globally will become inaccessible.

How all of this will affect employees, is a different matter altogether.

There is no point in paying employees if there is no work to be done.

Interestingly enough, the Apple stores in China, which recently reopened, will remain open for the foreseeable future.

China was the first country where the novel coronavirus outbreak began.

It also appears to be the first nation where the situation is somewhat under control right now.

Apple also mentions how it will commit $15 million to global recovery following this pandemic outbreak.

All stores around the world will also receive extensive cleaning and disinfection.

New health screenings are being experimented with as well, in an effort to guarantee the safety of all employees.

These measures come at a crucial time, as COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly outside of China.