The Proposal Framework is Complete, First Draft of DAO 1.1 Available

The DAO community received some good news today, the proposal framework is finished, meaning, that interested parties wanting to submit a proposal to The DAO Token holders have now a guideline to do so. 

Christoph Jentzsch, the talented coder and founder of the German startup, unveiled today the Proposal Framework v1.0, a guideline that seeks to solve the governance and security vulnerabilities on The DAO smart contract code.

Stephan Tual, COO and spokesperson, said:

It does so elegantly without requiring an immediate to update the DAO, by establishing a simple coding standard to be adopted by all Proposals before they are whitelisted by the Curator.

Recently, The DAO curators held a meeting to discuss several flaws found in the DAO code and the possible attack vectors. Last week Alex van de Sande said:

We talked at length about all the attack vectors and how bad they really were. The paper discusses many, but I believe my biggest fear was the fact that there are many disincentives for voting against a proposal.

The developers concluded that the DAO contract code needed an update, however, this approach was going to take some time, so as an alternative it was decided to build a Proposal Framework, that has now been realized in the form of Solidity Code.

Explanations on the decided guidelines for the Proposal framework can be found on this link, but in general, the idea is to minimize the flaws and attack vectors discovered by the group of researchers.

Christoph Jentzsch said that this framework solves the most urgent flaw of The DAO, the affirmative bias, and the disincentive to vote no, the developer said:

This pre-vote solves the yes bias as ‘no’ voters can safely split in the case the pre-vote was successful. This also mitigates the ambush/sniping attack, since voters who are against a Proposal but didn’t vote in the pre-vote, can now downvote it during the second round, or split.

This effectively means that any actor that wish to submit a proposal to The DAO must follow this framework or his submission will not be whitelisted by the Curators. Jensen also made a pull request to The DAO’s main repository on GitHub, this is a preliminary version of the much anticipated DAO 1.1.

All in all, this represents very good news for The DAO Token Holders (DTH), which will welcome any improvements on the way the code and project as whole behave and develops.

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