The Next Unicorn ICO? 15% Bonus Pre-Sale live – What is Beluga Pay?

Beluga Pay is making big waves in the ICO world, due to having a live product in market, a partnership with a billion dollar bank and hundreds of happy merchants using their revolutionary mobile point of sale software. With their 15% bonus pre-sale now live, we explore this offering from Guadalajara, “Mexico’s silicon valley.”

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The crypto payments space has changed forever, there are thousands of different ICO’s available and numerous companies offering crypto debit cards. The idea of pulling out a platinum crypto card to buy an expensive meal or purchase a “lambo” does sound alluring (and it’s something Beluga Pay will be offering by the end of 2018.) but on the flipside, the merchant payment space is equally, if not more exciting and lucrative.

“Beluga saw the concerns, doubts and fears that the cryptocurrency community had with the latest influx of ICO’s and we listened, a lot.” – Alex Avila, CEO of Beluga Pay.

Merchant transaction fees distributed via smart-contract to tokenholders.

Beluga Pay is a mobile point of sale (mPOS) platform that accepts cryptocurrency and has live VISA and Mastercard processing certification through their acquiring bank Banorte (70B+ USD in assets.)

In Mexico, Beluga goes under the name “Espiral” and has over 200 existing merchants using their mPOS to process payments in their businesses. Beluga anticipates that in 2017, through the trial of their app in Mexico alone, they will transact 4M USD and currently have industry leading chargeback rates of just 0.1%.

Meet the team behind Beluga Pay

Micro and small businesses (eg. food vendors, gasoline stands, mobile phone kiosks) transact over $6.5 trillion USD annually, yet only 10% of these merchants accept digital payments. With much of the population being unbanked in Mexico, Beluga understand this demographic better than most and will use funds raised from the ICO to take their already successful model global.

The Beluga Pay pre-sale is now live with 40M BBI tokens available at ICO. Their native cryptocurrency BBI, will allow tokenholders to receive .5% of all transaction fees. BBI tokens also introduce game-changing tokenized utility to merchants, with the option to be used as gas for instant merchant deposits (in the developing world, card payments can take 2-6 business days to deposit to a merchant’s account) receiving funds instantly can be a lifeline for small businesses, allowing owners to pay their staff, buy more stock and cover vital expenses.

Want to learn more about Beluga Pay? Their community is growing rapidly with over 2500 members in Telegram, alternatively you can speak to Maria, their head of customer happiness who will be able to answer any questions you may have.


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